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Pandoras box

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I now have decided to say good bye to a few very special fragrances, better someone loves and uses them, than them being in my dark and cool drawer :)
All scents have been kept cool and in the dark.

Yohji by Yamamoto - very rare, it is not the essential but the round "bottle" - 30ml bottle, approx 1/2cm is missing - no cap but it is not a tester - 50 Euro

Cravache by Piguet - the original, long before reformulation - splash bottle in box - only tested - can mail pic - 75 Euro

Cravache by Piguet - a tester - before reformulation but not as vintage as the above - it is with a spray with no cap - I think from the 80's - 75ml - 35.- Euro

Lanvin Arpege - from the 80s? - no content on bottle but I think 125ml or more - 40 Euro

Lanvin Scandal - from the 80s - no content on bottle - I would guess 50 or 75ml - 60 Euro

Via Lanvin - as the above - approx 75 - 100ml - 50 Euro

Van Cleef & Arpels - 90ml refill - approx 80ml left with the silber flacon which is no more available - 55 Euro

I can mail pictures, sorry for some vague information and for my bad english. I send from Austria and do have paypal. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have.

Postage from Austria will have to be added.
I also have many more bottles that are fragrances of today.
Hooked to fine fragrances!

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