[US + CANADA] Andy's HUGE sales thread 100+ frags [Fahr.Abs/DHI/OrtoP./ZegnaJavP/U.Zest/Le Labo/F.Bianchi and more!!!

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[US + CANADA] Andy's HUGE sales thread 100+ frags [Fahr.Abs/DHI/OrtoP./ZegnaJavP/U.Zest/Le Labo/F.Bianchi and more!!!

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I'm Andy The Frenchy - same username - on Basenotes and Fragrantica.

ANDY’s Sales Thread – USA + Canada
Bottles are at least 95% full (unless otherwise specified). No returns, sales are final!
Paypal (Friends and Family) or Venmo / US shipping $10 flat ($5 if under 1lbs). Please inquire for extra insurance coverage and Canada shipping fee / My responsibility for the shipment ends when USPS is in possession of the parcel.
OFFERS: I MATCH PRICES! please send a link of the competing price, and I might consider offering a discount.
SWAPS: please only make offers for what is on my wishlist https://basenotes.com/wardrobe/andy-th ... 6/wishlist
Items labelled ** are NOT eligible for swaps.

Sales inquiries to be sent to andythefrenchy.fragrance@gmail.com (I reply within 2-3 days)

Acqua di Parma - Colonia Oud edc concentree (discontinued brown bottle batch# 0509Y), 100ml tester, $150
An easy to like, western-style oud fragrance. The best-seller of AdP - for a reason.

Al Haramain – Amber Oud Tobacco edition, 60ml, $50
Possibly the closest clone of TF Tobacco Vanille.

Alford&Hoff Signature (aka No.1), 100ml, $60
A boozy/leathery amber, not without reminding me of The One by D&G.

Alford&Hoff No.3, 100ml, $60
A very fresh aromatic fragrance, laying on a woody base. Very masculine, blended by Rodrigo Flores-Roux, John Varvatos' in-house perfumer.

Alford&Hoff bundle: Signature (100ml) + No.3 (100ml) for $100 ($120 value)

Anat Fritz - Tzora (2012), 80ml (90%), $150 (original formulation, very rare)
Powdery cedar and a hint of orange... soft luxury!

Aramis - Devin, 100ml (50% full), $12
A piney/smoky beauty that could easily be sold for 30X its price by some obscure indie house

Armani - Oud Royal, 10ml mini (8-9ml left), $20
Arguably the most accomplished designer western oud/rose fragrance.

Atelier Cologne - Emeraude Agar, 200ml, $150 (discontinued, rare)
Guaiacwood and soft rose, in this beautiful - and now rare - beauty

Atelier Cologne - Philtre Ceylan, 200ml (brand new without box, never sprayed), $250 (discontinued, very rare)
A reference tea fragrance, highly praised

Atelier Cologne - Poivre Electrique (discontinued) - contact me

Atelier Cologne - Tobacco Nuit (discontinued) - contact me

Biehl – eo02, 100ml, $60
A very nice fresh cardamom over a woody base. Cannot think of a more elegant scent bubble.

Boucheron - Pour homme EDT, 100ml tester with cap, $25
Citruses over a resinous base. Classic, and elegant.

Bogue - Mem - contact me

Burberry – London for Men, 100ml no cap, $30
Usually described as 'port wine & tobacco', and I wouldn't know what else to say. A steal at that price.

Bvlgari – Black, 40ml, $100 (discontinued)
Discontinued, soon to be a unicorn (or is it already?). Well-known for its famous rubber accord.

Carner – Botafumeiro, 100ml, $100
Warm spicy floral over smoky labdanum, with a hint of sweetness, without ever falling into gourmand: what a great floriental fragrance should be.

Carner – Cuirs, 50ml, $90
Clearly inspired Nasomatto BA, but here executed with an elegance that is missing in the original.

Carner bundle: the 2 previous bottles for $160 (value $190)

Caron - Yuzu Man, 100ml, $30
A very nice citric yuzu, lightly counterbalanceby a hint of greenery and resins.

Cartier – XIII La Treizieme Heure, 4ml original sample $10
For who liked Patchouli 23 by Le Labo, this is a must to try!

Cartier - Declaration d'Un Soir, 100ml, $70
Spicy ethereal rose. The first [beautiful] creation by Mathilde Laurent for Cartier, taking over after Ellena.

Cartier – Pasha Parfum, 100ml, $80
Cardamom, lavender and boozy woods. Masculine warmth for who wants to shine everyday.

Cartier – Roadster, 100ml, $100
A reference in the vanillic mint department, still quite unique 15 years after its release.

Cartier bundle – XIII La 13eH 4ml + Pasha Parfum 100ml + Roadster 100ml for $220 (value $250)

Carven - Ma Griffe, 60ml splash, $100 (ultra vintage bottle, very rare)
A green beauty. Based on the info I could find online, my best guess is that this bottle dates back to the 1960's.

Chanel - Platinum Egoiste, 100ml, $100
No need to introduce this one.

Charles Jourdan - Un Homme EDT, 30ml, $60
The apex of 80's powerhouses. Get ready for the time travel!

Charriol - Royal Platinum, 100ml, $60
Very elegant saffrony/rose/leather fragrance, present without being invasive. Discontinued.

Chopard – 1927 Vintage Edition, 80ml, rare, $60
Sweet lavender and burning tires. Under the radar, for a reason I ignore.

Cuba – Black, 35ml, $5
A lil' clone of Azzaro pour Homme, for a lil' price. What else?

Dior - Eau Sauvage Parfum 2017, 100ml, $150
A star, about to become a chased unicoorn very soon!

Dior – Fahrenheit Absolute, 100ml (2013 batch# 3R02, approx. 85% full), $250 (discontinued - very rare) **
Yes... it's him! And I have only 1 bottle! (just saying)

Dior - Homme Intense (2014 batch# 4S01), 100ml tester, no box, $350
yes it's a 2014 batch, and believe it or not my price is under what it currently retails for (assuming one manages to find that batch)

Dolce&Gabbana – Velvet Vetiver, 50ml, $150 (discontinued - rare)
A very polished fig fragrance, over a woody base. Casual elegance, for the Summer.

Dolce&Gabbana – Pour Homme, 125ml, $40 (2020 batch, made in France)
Soft lavender and tobacco, a timeless release of the 90's.

Dolce&Gabbana bundle: VV 50ml + PH 125ml for $170 $160 (value $190)

Dunhill – Icon Elite, 90%, 100ml, $35
Cardamom, suede and ebony. One of the most acclaimed Dunhill frangrances.

Escentric Molecules - Escentric 03, 100ml, $50
Close to Zizan by Ormonde Jayne, both blended by Geza Schoen. A hint sweeter/grapefruity/sunny than its big brother. A great bang-for-the-buck!

E. Zegna – Acqua di Bergamotto, 100ml, $60 (discontinued - rare)
A photorealistic take on the note, that uses oil extracted from bergamots sourced from Zegna family's orchards.

E. Zegna - Javanese Patchouli EDT (original formulation), 125ml, $350 **
The benchmark for clean patchouli. This is the refined discontinued EDT (listed for $600 on ebay), not the current cloying EDP.

Etat Libre d’Orange – Malaise of the 1970’s, 50ml, $100 (discontinued, rare)
Initially released as 'Sex Pistols', it's a unique combination of sweet citrus, blackpepper and leather, that only ELdO could release.

Etat Libre d'Orange - Fat Electrician, 30ml (90%+ full), $40
A very unique vetiver/amber combo, resulting in a photorealistic, mouthwatering impression of 'marron glaces'

Ferrari – Uomo, 100ml, $30
A very nice 'Summer evenings' twist on Dior Fahrenheit, more focused on nutmeg than violet.

Floris – Santal, 100ml, $90
Floris' acclaimed take on sandalwood, with ebay prices inflating everyday a bit more.

Francesca Bianchi - Etruscan Water, 30ml, $100
The very acclaimed masculine oakmoss-centric fragrance by this hyped indie house.

Franck Boclet - Ashes, 100ml, $100
A beautiful round incense fragrance, with a touch of woods and wormwood in the background.

Franck Boclet - Geranium, 100ml, $80
A rounder take on TF Beau de Jour, with a dash more clean musks.

Franck Olivier - Black Touch, 100ml, $20
The son of Terre d'Hermes and Encre Noire.

Frapin - Paradis Perdu, 100ml (90% full), $70
Grapefruit and lentisque for a great impression of mediterranean coastal landscape

Gianfranco Ferre – For Men (2006), 7ml mini splash bottle NEW, $7
If you ever wondered where Aventus' pineapple originated, here you go! (also blended by Pierre Bourdon... food for thoughts!)

Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio’ (batch UU271, 1999, original Cosmair formulation), 100ml, 35% full, $100
If you ever wondered what is the smell of the air in the 90's, here is a piece of history.

Givenchy - Insense' (2002 batch), 50ml, $70 (discontinued)
One of the legends of the 90's

Annick Goutal - 1001 Ouds, 75ml, $110 (discontinued)
An interesting rose/oud, very delicate, as per Goutal's asthetics.

Guerlain - Eau de Guerlain, 100ml bee bottle (vintage batch# 3W01), $100
THE eau de cologne, as seen by Jean-Paul Guerlain. Is there a need to say more?

Guerlain – L’Homme Ideal Cologne, 100ml, 90% full, $90 (discontinued)
For many, this one is the best flanker of the whole Homme Ideal line. Useless to say: it's discontinued.

Guy Laroche – Drakkar Noir, 50ml, $18
The legendary leather fougere of the 80's.

Hermes – Cedre Sambac, 2*4ml original sample sprays: one new $12, one 90% full $11, both for S20
A creative woody jasmine fragrance, from the high end Hermessences line.

Hermes - Equipage Geranium, 100ml, $100
A contemporary take on the original, with an interplay of spices and geranium over a soft leather base.

Hermes - Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver, 100ml, $70
First flanker of this line blended by Christine Nagel, who substituted the orange with grapefruit.

Histoires de Parfums – Ambre 114, 60ml, $80
The benchmark of vanillic ambers, a reference in its category.

Histoires de Parfums – This is Not a Blue Bottle 1.3, 60ml, $80
What a rose/leather fragrance should be: airy, with support of saffron and patchouli, but most of all: a unique blood orange twist.

Histoires de Parfums bundle: Ambre 114 60ml + TINABB 1.3 60ml for $130 (value $160)

Houbigant - Fougere Royale, 100ml, $125
The mother of all fougeres, and still the benchmark, as of today.

Jacomo – Jacomo de Jacomo (vintage all black bottle with blue print), 100ml, $70
Full on impression of ashes, in this cloves centric fragrance. A must for the fans of dark fragrances!

Jacomo – Silences (vintage bottle with opening cap), 50ml, $40
The vintage fragrance in its discontinued iteration. A very dark, bitter take on Chanel No.19, made unisex.

Jacomo bundle – JdJ 100ml + Silences 50ml for $95 (value $110)

JD (Jeffrey Dame) - Juste Filthy 50ml, $35
A niche-level twist on Kouros. Who likes Kouros will probably love this one.

JD (Jeffrey Dame) - Sous Bois 50ml, $35
A walk in the woods, with a very nice moss note, as well as violet. Very easy to wear.

Jean Desprez – Bal a’ Versailles EDC (vintage), 57ml splash, $25 (discontinued)
The honeyed vintage legend, with some animalic undertones, but very wearable imho.

John Varvatos – Vintage, 125ml, $25 (scratched bottle/teared label)
A rare creativity in the designer world. A mix of genres, for a great result!

Juliette Has a Gun – Into the Void, 75ml, $110 (scratched bottle, no cap)
One of the many heird of Nasomatto Black Afgano, but possibly the most interesting of all!

Just Jack – Moroccan Green, 100ml, $25
The only exisiting clone of TF Bois Marocain. As close as it gets!

Just Jack – Vetiver, 100ml, $25
Close to TF Grey Vetiver, for the price that Grey Vetiver should have retailed from the start.

Korloff - No Ordinary Man, 100ml, $25 (discontinued)
Vetiver and leather, on a woody incensy base. Manly, but easy to wear. Beautiful cheapie!

Lalique - Hommage a' L'Homme, 100ml, $30
A unique violet & woods combo by Christine Nagel, now in-house perfumer for Hermes

L’Artisan Parfumeur – Mon Numero 10, 30ml, $40 (discontinued)
A sweet spicy oriental very talked about a few years ago, that got forgotten, without any valid reason.

Lanvin – Vetyver Blanc, 50ml, $80 (discontinued – very rare)
A great lavender/sandalwood/vetiver fougere. The best of its category.

Le Galion - Sovereign, 100ml, $125
Pink pepper and myrrh galore, with support of olibanum and rose. with Le Galion craftmanship. What's not to like?

Le Labo - Vetiver 46 - contact me

Lorenzo Villoresi - Uomo 'Profumo in Olio', 30ml (90%), $120 (discontinued oil version in pure perfume concentration, very rare)
For hardcore collectors!

Marlou - Carnicure, 50ml, $100
Animalic/floral musk, with sweet undertones. Unique but soft. Very original.

MFK – Amyris EDP Homme, 11ml travel spray refill, 95%, $45
An interesting fresh/resinous fragrance.

MFK – APOM Homme, 11ml travel spray refill, 90%, $45 (discontinued – rare)
A creative neroli/cedar combo, quite unique.

MFK – Lumiere Noire Homme, 11ml travel spray refill 85%, $45 (discontinued – rare)
One of the most beautiful, dark rose for men.

MFK bundle: Amyris 11ml + APOM 11ml + Lumiere Noire 11ml for $115 (value $135)

Miller et Bertaux - Pimiento +++, 100ml, $120
A quite unique inmpression of chili peppers by a great niche house, for an incredibly low ratio quality/price.

Miller Harris – Etui Noir, 100ml, $130
Very unique iris and leather combination, by Lyn Harris.

Mona di Orio - Vanille - contact me
A beautiful vanilla fragrance, often described as a masterpiece by the lovers of that note

Montale - Aoud Cuir d'Arabie, 100ml, $65
A very animalic leather fragrance, one of the best releases by Montale.

Montana - Graphite, 100ml, $25
If fresh cut cedar is your thing, don;t miss out on that one!

Montana - Parfum d'Homme, 50ml, $35
A reference of masculine fragrances from yesteryear

Mugler - A*Men Ultra Zest, 100ml with full presentation, $300 (retails on ebay for $400/500!!) **
One of the 3 most famous flankers of the A*Men line, who made history in the masculine perfumery.

Mugler - B*Men, 100ml refillable bottle, $120 (discontinued)
Probably the most unique fragrance of the A*Men line quickly becoming one of the rarest as well.

Murdock London discovery set - 4*10ml travel sprays bundle: Patchouli, Black Tea, Vetiver, Avalon, $50
A great introduction to this house, which surprisingly lays under the radar.

Naughton & Wilson – Gravitas pour Homme, 100ml, $80
A modern fougere inspired by the classics. Very 'Mr Smelly', and the demonstration that youtuber's fragrance can sometimes pleasantly surprise.

Nishane - Colognise', 100ml, $75
Easy to wear neroli and tea fragrance with great performance.

Nobile 1942 - Malvs, 75ml, $120
A beautiful pink pepper and myrrh fragrance

Orto Parisi – Stercus, 50ml, $120
Very nice creamy oud!

Orto Parisi – Terroni, 50ml, $120
The flagship fragrance of the other perfume line by Alessandro Gualtieri, the father of Nasomatto.

Orto Parisi bundle - Stercus 50ml + Terroni 50ml for $220 (value $240)

Pierre Cardin - Centaure Cuir Casaque, 24ml blue 'horse head' bottle, $18 (rare - discontinued)
A hard-to-find one, from a long discontinued series of releases of the 90's.

Precious Liquid - Discovery set 5*5ml (Blue Agave, Vanilla Orchid, Mandarine, Rose Blanche, Neroli Musk), $12
A nice intro to this interesting newbie.

Puig - Quorum, 100ml no cap, $12
The classic 80's fragrance. Piney/green/leathery.

Richard James - Savile Row, 100ml, $100 (discontinued)
A beautiful creamy tuberose-centric fragrance, giving an effect of suede ad tobacco. very gentleman-y.

Rituals – Oasis Verte, 15ml, $15
Inspired by Terre d’Hermes Parfum, but denser, and with stronger projection.

Robert Piguet - Bois Noir, 100ml, $115
Guaiacwoood, cedarwood and resins galore. Opulent. The big brother of Gucci Intense Oud.

Robert Piguet - Casbah (black label), 100ml, $150 (discontinued)
The green incense beauty, by a legendary house.

Roger & Gallet - Open, 100ml, $15
Unapologetic vntage leather/moss/tobacco fragrance. Demonstration that great is not correlated with pricey.

Roja Dove - Vetiver Parfum Cologne, 100ml, $220 **
A vetiver, that reaches near perfection, from a house that doesn't need to be introduced.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Stash, 100ml, $60
Tam Dao for a small price. Why not?

Scents of Wood - Sandalwood in Oak - contact me
A great dry woody scent, by the rising start McKenzie Reilly.

Serge Lutens - La Fille de Berlin (Zellige limited ed), 50ml, $80
Sparkling rose, with clove and cinnamon support. Very Lutens!

Serge Lutens – L’Eau d’Armoise, 100ml, $55
Bitter artemisia, made perfectly. Will keep you fresh, even in hotter days.

Starck – Peau d’Ailleurs EDT, 90ml, $40
A very unique fragrance by Annick Menardo, for the famous designer's line.

Swiss Arabian – Shaghaf Oud Abyad, 75ml, $25
A brilliant copy of Amouage Interlude, with stronger projection (if ever there was a need).

The Different Company – South Bay, 100ml, $70
Possibly the best impression of grapefruit I have ever smelt. Photorealistic.

The Different Company: After Midnight - contact me

Thomas Kosmala – No.2 Seve Nouvelle, 100ml, $130 (msrp $200 + tax)
This is TF Tuscan Leather for Summer evenings. Very airy, not cloying like the fragrance it takes inspiration from. Very saffrony.

Tiziana Terenzi – Laudano Nero, 100ml, $90 (msrp $225 + tax)
Booze, incense, oud and resins, by the talented Paolo Terenzi.

Tom Ford - Oud Minerale, 50ml, $200 (discontinued, rare)
A unique woody/acquatic fragrance

Trudon - Travel sprays set 5*10ml (Mortel, Revolution, Bruma, II, Olim; sprays are 70-90% full - will send pic), $100
Extremely high quality blends. Selling this set as I bought 2 full bottles after trying these fragrances - that says it all!

Ulrich Lang – Anvers, 100ml, $75 (msrp $135 + tax)
A fruity/fresh/leathery fragance. Interesting!

Ulrich Lang – Lightscape, 50ml, $50 (msrp for 100ml bottle $135 + tax)
A stunning powdery iris, for a very reasonable price.

Ulrich Lang - Nightscape, 50ml, $50 (msrp for 100ml bottle $135 + tax)
Possibly the most refined patchouli I've ever smelt. Ptachouli lover's holy grail candidate, here

Ulrich Lang bundle: Anvers 100ml + Lightscape 50ml + Nightscape 50ml for $150 (value $175)

Van Cleef & Arpels - Bois d'Iris, 75ml, $60
Very similar to Dior Bois d'Argent, but slightly more interesting, imo.

THEMATIC BUNDLES – 10% off listing price + free shipping when purchased at once

“Gentleman’s” bundle:
Biehl eo02 100ml + Puig Quorum 100ml + Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir 50ml + Cuba Black 35ml + N&W Gravitas PH 100ml + R&G Open 100ml + Murdock London discovery set 4*10ml

“Great clones” bundle:
Al Haramain – Amber Oud Tobacco edition (TF Tobacco Vanille clone), 60ml
Carner – Cuirs (inspired by Nasomatto BA), 50ml
Cuba – Black (Azzaro PH clone), 35ml
Ferrari – Uomo (twist on Dior Fahrenheit), 100ml
Franck Olivier – Black Touch (a mix of Terre d’Hermes and Encre Noire), 100ml
Just Jack – Vetiver (TF Grey Vetiver clone), 100ml
Rituals – Oasis Verte (Terre d’Hermes Parfum clone), 15ml
Swiss Arabian – Shaghaf Oud Abyad (Amouage Interlude clone), 75ml

Sorry, these are GONE!

Acqua di Parma – Colonia
Acqua di Parma - Note di Colonia III
Aramis – Tobacco Reserve
Baldessarini - Ultimate
Bentley – For Men Intense
Bvlgari – Blv Notte pour Homme
Bvlgari – Eau Parfumee au The’ Noir
Byblos – Sandalo
Byblos – September Morn
Caron – Pour un Homme Sport
Cartier – IV L’Heure Fougueuse
Cartier - Declaration Essence
Carven – L’Eau Intense
Chopard - Black Incense Malaki
Clive Christian - Masculine Private Collection (C,L,I,V,E)
Costume National – Cyber Garden
Creed – Erolfa
Dior – Homme Eau
Dior – Homme EDT (original formulation)
Is there a need for introduction?
D.S. & Durga – Amber Kiso
D.S. & Durga – Cowboy Grass
Elie Saab – Essence No.3 Ambre
Etat Libre d’Orange – The Afternoon of a Faun
Etat Libre d’Orange – Jasmin et Cigarette,
Etat Libre d’Orange – Like This Tilda Swinton
Etro – Messe de Minuit EDT
Fendi – Fan di Fendi Assolut
Floris – 1962
Franck Olivier – Eau de Passion
Guerlain – Ambre Eternel
Guerlain - Habit Rouge L’Eau
Guerlain – L’Instant Pour Homme EDP
Heeley - Cuir Pleine Fleur
Hermes – Bel Ami
Hermes – Elixir des Merveilles
Hugo Boss - Silk & Jasmine
Hugo Boss - Velvet & Amber
Jacques Bogart - One Man Show
Jacques Bogart - One Man Show Oud Edition
JD - Musc Neutre
John Varvatos - Oud
Kerosene - Broken Theories
L’Artisan Parfumeur – Tea for Two
L'Occitane - Eau des Baux
Lalique – Silver
Lancetti – Homme (aka Lui)
Le Labo – Patchouli 24
Loewe – Esencia pour Homme EDT
Lorenzo Villoresi – Incensi (original formulation)
MAC – My Heroine
Malizia – Uomo Vetyver
Michael Kors – Michael for Men
Miller Harris - La Fumee Intense
Miller Harris – Vetiver Insolent
Molinard – Cuir EDP
Montale – Original Aoud
Montana – Homme
Mugler - Cologne
Narciso Rodriguez - For Him EDT
Odin – 08 Seylon
Outremer/L’Aromarine – Vetyver
Ormonde Jayne - Zizan
Rasasi - Sotoor Waaw
Rogue – Flos Mortis (2019)
Rogue – Mousse Illuminee (2019)
Rogue - 2019 samples set
Thameen - Carved Oud
The Different Company – Bergamote
Tiziana Terenzi – Chimaera (2019)
Tiziana Terenzi – Ecstasy
Trussardi – L’Uomo (vintage)
Versace – Pour Homme Oud Noir
Yves Saint Laurent - L’Homme Parfum Intense
Yves Saint Laurent - M7 Oud Absolu

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