Wanted: Bond No.9 Samples/Decants

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Wanted: Bond No.9 Samples/Decants

Post by marca570 »

Looking for mostly any Bond No. 9 samples or decants, please let me know if you have any. Thanks in advance.

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Post by jdougal »

I can do 5, 10, 30 mL decants of New Haarlem if interested. PM me.

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Post by niktak11 »

I have some New Haarlem and Brooklyn left

Body basics
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Post by Body basics »

I have chez bond and new Haarlem. Him many ML you need?

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Post by Collector »

I have some New York Oud left (somewhere between 5 and 10 ml, would need to check) in case you are still interested in Bond no. 9 samples/decants.

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Post by Taskphorce »

I have New Haarlem about 95% left full in a 1.7 ounce bottle.
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Re: Wanted: Bond No.9 Samples/Decants

Post by Mila »


I can offer you decants of Bryant Park and/or Union Square Andy Warhol!

20 $ with shipping WW (priority but not registered + decant) for 10ml

PM if you are interested in (I live in the NL)

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Post by Seathinks »

i have these samples if you are interested

Harrods Agarwood
I love NY for all - 2 pcs
I love NY Marriage equality
New Harlem
Harrods Amber

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UGmzDaPoNSU/U ... G_4463.JPG

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