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Barter proposition

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Would you be interested in doing any fragrance for product trading?

I know this is a bit out off the wall, but I have to ask since I've had quite a few successes bartering over the last few years (mostly for music & gear). To me it never hurts to ask, as mankind has been trading for goods and services since the beginning of time. I've established
relationships with many individuals, companies, and independent labels/distributors this way and it's always been positive for everyone involved. I'm a designer for Hamilton Beach Brands and through our employee purchase program I'm able to purchase our products near wholesale prices. I try to leverage that ability by trading product for product with people that may have things that I'm interested in.
This way we can both obtain stuff we want/need at a reduced cost. I assure you that this is entirely legitimate and above board. I have over 28 years here and wouldn't do anything remotely against our
company policies that would jeopardize my future. If this doesn't sound too off and you're possibly interested, review our websites:
to see if there's anything you want/need that you'd be willing to trade for some fragrances (samples/decants/bottles). If not for yourself, perhaps I can help with gift shopping for family/friends. I can order product to be direct shipped anywhere CONUS. Thank you for your kind consideration. If you want to try and work something out, let me know and I'll send you my wishlist to get things started.

Devon Beverley

Sr. Designer
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.
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