Dior Jules (vintage) Decants

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Dior Jules (vintage) Decants

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Decants are for original vintage version of Dior Jules, from 50ml brand new sealed bottles - photobucket link for bottle & package pictures are below. As FYI, surrendertochance sells similar vintage Jules decant for $150 for 10ml (also, theperfumedcourt selling Jules @ $65 for 10ml is not vintage, I confirmed with them).

The jus is in "excellent" condition, considering that this is a late 80's / pre-90's version. Pricing with shipping with tracking (to USA / Canada) are as follows (buyers from other countries, please PM me for shipping). Payment via paypal to badarun@gmail.com

10ml = $75

20ml = $135 (will be in 30ml atomizer or in 2 X 10ml atomizer)

30ml (gets in original bottle & box) = $180

How you can find that this is a vintage cologne + bottle details:
* No bar code on box.
* Batch code 3J29.
* Bottle & box have "Christian Dior" on them (instead of Dior, which is newer version).
* Address on box is 30 Avenue Hoche - this is the address where Christian Dior was until 1990-1991, after which they moved to 33 Avenue Hoche.
* Box has listed ingredients as follows - Alcohol, Parfum
* As disclaimer, I own 300+ full bottles, I'm in no need to "sell" to make a living - I can take this to eBay, however, I'd rather sell it to fragrance aficionado's than to anyone else...

Pictures for bottle & package link is below:
http://s1301.photobucket.com/user/badar ... or%20Jules


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