Kipling, Must II, J'ai Ose, Caleche

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Kipling, Must II, J'ai Ose, Caleche

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I have these vintage fragrances for sell:

**Annick Goutal - Tubereuse, 30/25 ml, edp, in box, discontinued & hard to find - 25 euro

**Annick Goutal - Ce Soir ou Jamais, 100ml, in box, edp, old version, vintage - 60 euro

**Rochas - Byzance, 50 ml, in box, edp, sprayer version, long discontinued - 90 euro

**Rochas - Alchimie, 100 ml, in box, edp, discontinued & hard to find - 100 euro

**ETRO - Ambra, 100 ml, in box, old edition - 50 euro

**Lalique - Le Baiser, 50/45 ml, in box, edp - 40 euro

**Paloma Picasso - Paloma Picasso, 50/45 ml, in box, old version (from 2000) - 30 euro

**Hermes - Eau d'Hermes, 100 ml, in box, bottle from 2001 - 50 euro

** Weil - Kipling, 50ml. edt, in box, like new, never used, long discontinued & hard to find - 50 euro

**Geo. F. Trumper - Extract of Limes, 50ml, brand new, never used, letting it go for half the price on the official website - 20 euro

** Enrico Coveri - Pour Femme, 65/75ml, edt, in box, an italian classic of the 90s, long gone and hard to find nowadays - 35 euro

** Guy Laroche - J'ai Ose, 50ml, in box, the original version of J'ai Ose, initially released by Guy Laroche, bottle from 1981 - 55 euro

** Hermes - Caleche, 200ml, edt, in box, like new, never used, you can say that it was opened only to check the bottle - 80 euro

I also have some miniatures for sell. The following are without box:

Code: Select all

Alberta Ferretti: Femina (7.5ml, edp)

Aramis: Etruscan (5ml, edt)

Aramis: Tuscany per Donna (3.5ml, parfum)

Arrogance: Pour Femme (5ml, edt)

Atkinsons: Gold Medal (8 ml, edc) 

Atkinsons: Bal des Fleurs (6ml, edc)

Azzaro: Acteur (5ml, edt)

Azzaro: Eau Belle (4ml, edt) 

Azzaro: Couture (2ml, edp)

Benetton: Hot (5.5ml, edt)

Benetton: Cold (5.5ml, edt)

Borbonese: Borbonese (4.5ml, edt) - 2x

Borsari 1870: Acqua di Tuberose (3.5ml, edp) 

Borsari 1870: Acqua di Mughetti (3.5ml, edp)

Burberry: Burberrys For Men (5ml, edt)

Cacharel: Eau d'Eden (5ml, edt)

Caron: Nocturnes (5ml, edt)

Cartier: So Pretty (4ml, edp)

Celine: Magic (5ml, edp)

Charrier: Lonia (2ml, parfum)

Charrier: Mademoiselle Charrier (2.5ml, parfum)

Charrier: Orient (2ml, parfum)

Chanel: Cristalle (4ml, edt)

Chopard: Heaven (5ml, edt) - 3x

Chopard: Casmir (5ml, edp)

Corinne Cobson: Love Etc (3ml, edt)

Dana: Tabu (2ml, parfum)

Davidoff: Cool Water (5ml, edt)

Diana de Silva: Genny Shine (12ml, edt)

Erreuno: Erreuno (5ml, edp)

Escada: Escada for Women (5ml, edp)

Fragonard: Rendez Vous (2ml, parfum)

Fragonard: Reve de Grasse (2ml, parfum)

Fragonard: Merveille (2ml, parfum)

Gianfranco Ferre: Ferre (5ml, edt)

Gianfranco Ferre: Ferre by Ferre (5ml, edt)

Gilles Cantuel: Creature (4.5ml, edt)

Givenchy: Xeryus (4ml, edt) -2x

Givenchy: Organza (5ml, edp)

Jesus del Pozo: On Ella (4ml, edt)

Jil Sander: Sander for Men (5ml, edt)

Jil Sander: Jil (5ml, edt)

Joop!: Femme (3.5ml, edt)

Joop!: All About Eve (5ml, edp)

Karl Lagerfeld: Sun Moon Stars (3.7ml, edt)

Lacoste: Lacoste (4ml, edt) - 2x

La Perla: Body Silk (8ml, edt)

Lalique: Sylphide (4.5ml, parfum)

Laura Biagiotti: Laura (5ml, edt)

Luciano Pavarotti: For Men (4.5ml, edt)

Mariella Burani: Messages (4.5ml, edt)

Mila Schon: Uomo (10ml, edt)

Mila Schon: Haute Couture (8ml, edt)

Mode Creation Munich: Very M.C. (5ml, edt)

Mode Creation Munich: Twenty Four Morning (5ml, edt)

Montana: Parfum de Peau (2.5ml, edp) - 2x

Montana - Eau d'Argent (3ml, edt)

Moschino: Moschino (4ml, edt) -2x

Moschino: OH! de Moschino (4ml, edt)

Muelhens: 4711 (8ml, edc)

Otto Kern: YPNO (5ml, edt)

Parfums de Chariers: Bavardage (2ml, parfum)

Paloma Picasso: Minotaure (5ml, edt)

Paloma Picasso: Paloma Picasso (5ml, edp)

Pancaldi: Pancaldi (5ml, edt)

Pascal Morabito: Or Noir (5ml, edt)

Pierre Balmain: Ivoire (2ml, parfum)

Ralph Lauren: Safari (4ml, parfum)

Rance 1795 - Rance 2 (5ml, edp)

Revillon: Detchema (2ml, parfum)

Revillon: Anouchka (5ml, edt)

Robert Beaulieu: Vision (1.8ml, parfum)

Roccobarocco: Tre (5ml, edp)

Roccobarocco: Roccobarocco (5ml, edp)

Rochas: Fleur d'Eau (5ml, edt) - 2x

Rochas: Tocade (3ml, edt) 

Salvador Dali: Eau de Dali (5ml, edt) 

Schuberth: Coquillages (5ml, edc) 

Shiseido: Basala (5ml, edt)

St. Sauveur: Winky (2ml, parfum) 

St. Sauveur: Gerine (2ml, parfum)

Trussardi: Donna (5ml, edp)

Ulisse: Ulisse 3000 (5ml, edt)

Yves Rocher: Nuit d'Orchidee (7.5ml, edt)
And with box:

Code: Select all

Azzaro: Oh La La (3ml, edp)

Balenciaga: Talisman Eau Transparente (5ml, edt)

Gianfranco Ferre: Ferre (10ml, edt)

Gianfranco Ferre: Bergamotto Marino (5ml, edc) - 3x

Gres: Pour Homme (7ml, edt) -2x

Jacques Fath: Fath de Fath (5ml, edt)

Jacques Fath: Pour l'Homme (4ml, edt)

Joop!: Femme (3.5ml, edt)

Krizia: K de Krizia (4ml, edp)

Lalique: Claire (4.5ml, edt)

Pierre Balmain: Vent Vert (4ml, edt)

Raffaella Curiel: Raffella Curiel (12ml, edt)

Salvador Dali: Dalimix (8ml, edt)

Salvador Dali: Laguna (5ml, edt)

Salvador Dali: Salvador Dali (5ml, pdt)

Salvador Dali: Dalissime (5ml, edpc)

Salvador Dali: Le Roy Soleil (5ml, edt)

Salvador Dali: Salvador (5ml, edt)

S.T Dupont: Pour Femme (5ml, edp)

Weil: Fleur de Weil (5ml, edt)

The price for the minis with box is 6 euro and for those without a box is 5 euro.

** For more details or pictures, do not hesitate to send me a private message.

I can send worldwide with tracking for 10 euro.

Thanks for looking!

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New stuff added!

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