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Over 270 samples (& some decants)

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Joined: 10 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:16 pm    Post subject: Over 270 samples (& some decants) Reply with quote

Over 270 samples (& some decants)
last update: 20 May 2015

Please contact me at It works better than CF.

I do a lot of sampling! And if you're like me, the number of scents that pass muster is about 1 in 10. So I've got lots and lots of samples that are going to waste. Hence, this extensive list, which includes official and unofficial samples—from LuckyScent, IndieScents, and Twisted Lily (sometimes missing a dab)—and some decants (D). The last item in each line is the price. The price for all samples, minis, and sets are fixed. For some scents, you can chose the size of the decant. So the last item is the cost per mL.

The volume of all minis and decants follows the abbreviation (M and D), for example, M/5 or D/Cool and then the fixed cost or the cost per mL. For the sake of simplicity, I have dispensed with fractions of a mL.

Please see my excellent feedback on Basenotes.

Shipping: Shipped within one day; CONUS only. Unless the order is large or if several decants are included, I’ll just charge $3.

Payment: PayPal only. Fees are waived if paying with friend/family option; otherwise add $0.30 + 3%.

Trades: Please see the list scents I am interested in at the bottom of the list.

OS = official sample (/volume)
D = decant (/volume)
M = mini (/volume)
s = sample
v = vintage

Acqua di Biella #1, LuckyScent, 1/mL
Acqua di Stresa sample set, IndieScents (Calycanthus Brumae, Camellia Soliflor, Mentha Citrata, Osmanthus, Verbena Absoluta), $9
Agonist Arctic Jade (2x), OS, 3
Agonist Black Amber, LuckyScent, 3
Agonist Dark Saphir, LuckyScent, 3
Agonist Infidels, s, 4
Amervero Uomo, LuckyScent, 2
Amouage Dia pour homme, 25, 3/mL
Amouage Library Opus I , OS, 6
Amouage Library Opus III, OS, 6
Amouage Library Opus V, s/3, $6
Amouage Ubar, LuckyScent, 2
Andrea Maack Coal, Twisted Lily, 2
Annick Goutal, Eau d’Hadrien, D/5, $9
Aramis 900, M/7, $8
Aramis Devin, D/5, $5
Armani Eau pour Homme, M/4, $9
Arpege Lanvin, ca. 1970, s/2, 6
Arquiste Aleksandr, Twisted Lily, 2
Atelier Cologne Cedrat Envirant, LuckyScent, 2
Atelier Rose Anonyme, D/3, $6
Atelier Shisedo, D/2, $5
Atelier Vetiver Fatale, s, 2
Atelier de Geste Good Earth, Twisted Lily, 2
Ava Luxe Madame X, s, 2
Azzaro pour Homme, current version, D/8, $7

Boucheron Japiur pour Homme EdP, M/4, $6
Barduti Nooud, INDIESCENTS, 2
Boucheron pour Homme EdP, M/4, $6
Brent Leonesio #8 Untitled, LuckyScent, 2
Burberry Brit, OS, 1

Caron Parfum Sacree EdP (v), 2, 3
Caron Yatagan (earlier formulation), 75, 1/mL
CB I Hate Perfume Wild Hunt, s, 2
Cerruti pour Homme (v), D/20, $19
Cerutti Fair Play (v), D/10, $9
Chanel 19 EdT (v), 15, 2/mL
Chanel Eau de Cologne, 2x, OS, 2
Chanel LE Coromandel, D/5, $11
Chanel pour Monsieur concentree (v), M/7, $9
Charenton Macerations Asphalt Rainbow, Twisted Lily, 2
Comme des Garcons Amazing Green, D/3, $6
Comme des Garcons Serpentine, D/4, $8
Creed Original Cologne (1/2 full), s, 2
Creed Tabarome (1/2 full), s, 2
Crown Imperial aftershave, D/20, $19
Czech & Speake Cuba, OS, 1

Dasein Winter, Twisted Lily, 2
Dasein Spring, Twisted Lily, 2
Dior Ambre Nuit, s, 2
Dior Cuir Cannage, D/10, 2/mL
Dior Eau Fraiche, D/10, 2/mL
Dior Jules (v), D/40, 2/mL
Dior Leather Oud, s, 2
Dior Miss Dior Esprit, s/2, 2
Dior Miss Dior, M/10, $12
Dior Vetiver, D/7, $15
Divine L’homme Sage, LuckyScent, 2
Dioressence Esprit, s, 4
DS & Durga HYLNDS Isle Ryder, D/15, 3/mL
DSH Vanilla Bourbon, INDIESCENTS, 2

Estee Lauder Private Collection EdP, M/2, $9
Lauder Jasmine White Moss, s/2, 3
Etat Libre D’Orange Rein, s, 2
Etro Etra, s, 2
Euphorium Brooklyn Cilice, Twisted Lily, 3
Euphorium Brooklyn Wald, Twisted Lily, 3
Evocative Perfumes Jasmine Tabac, OS, 2
Evocative Perfumes Siberian Fir, OS, 2

Fendi Theorema, M/5, $9
Forbes Limes, s, 1
Fragonard men’s sample set, 5x5mL, $10
FragranceRepublic 01/05 (FB), D/15, 2/mL
FragranceRepublic sample set, OS (01/01, 01/02, 01/03, 01/04, 01/05), $9
Fueguia 1833 Darwin, LuckyScent, 2

Geo F. Trumper West Indian Limes, D/20, 1/mL
Gianni Campagna Gianni Compagna, D/5, $6
Givenchy Eau de Givenchy (v), s, 2
Givenchy III, D/3, $6
Guerlain Coriolan (v) FB, 30, $30
Guerlain L’Homme Ideal, D/5, $9
Guerlain Songe d’un Bois d’Ete, D/3, $6
Guerlain Vetiver Aftershave (v), D/10, $9
Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir, M/5, 4

HaLuckyScentton 1-12, D/25, $12
Heeley Vetiver Veritas, LuckyScent, 2
Helmut Lang Cuiron, OS, 2
Hermes 24, Faubourg, s, 4
Hermes Cuir d’Ange, s, 4
Hilde Solani 24.05.4, LuckyScent, 2
Hiram Green Moon Bloom, LuckyScent, 2
Hiram Green Shangri La, LuckyScent, 2
Histoires de Parfum 1740, s, 2
Histoires de Parfum 1828 Jules Verne, 20, 2
Houbigant Duc de Vervins, 10, 1
Huitieme Art Monsieur, D/5, 9

Indult Reve en Cuir, LuckyScent, 1

Jacomo Silences, D/20, 1/mL
Jazmin Serai Otis & Me, INDIESCENTS, 2
Jean Louis Vermeil Casaque, s, 1
Jean-Marc Sinon V. O. (v., boxed) 2x, M/5, $6
Juniper Ridge Siskiyou, D/5, $11

Karl Lagerfeld pour Homme (v), D/5, $5
Keiko Micheri Cuir Fauve, OS, 2
Knize Ten Golden, LuckyScent, 2

L’ebrolario Dolcelisir, s, 2
Laboratorio Olfactiv Alambar, s, 2
Lalique Encre Noire, D/15, 1/mL
Lancome Sikkim (relaunch), s, 1
L'Antichambre L'Ombre Cachee, LuckyScent, 2
LeLabo Benjoin 19, OS, $9
LeLabo Cuir 28, OS, $9
LeLabo Rose 31, D/8, $25
LeLabo Vetiver 46, D/15, 3/mL
LeLabo Ylang, D/8, $20
Loant Collection (six 3mL, OS, $30 (Lôjazz, Lôrose, Lôvann, Lôant, Lômusk, Lôtree, Lôbitt)
Loant Lôence, OS, 4
L’Occitane Eau des Baux, D/5, $9
L’Occitane Amber, D/5, $5
Loewe Escencia, D/8, $10
Loree Rodkin Gothic II, EdP, LuckyScent, 2
Lorenzo Villoresi Theseus EdT, Twisted Lily, 2
Lubin Bluff , LuckyScent, 2
Lubin Idole EdT (v), s, 3
Lubin Itasca, LuckyScent, 3
Lubin Le Vetiver, 10, 2

M. Micallef Red Sea, s, 2
M. Micallef Vanille Fleur, LuckyScent, 2
M. Micallef Vanille Marine, LuckyScent, 2
M. Micallef Vanille Orient, LuckyScent, 2
Maison Martin Margiela, untitled L’eau, M/6, $9
Maison Martin Margiela, untitled, L’eau, s, 2
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Route de Vetiver (v, bottle/cap/box), 20, $39
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Centaure (v), 3, 2
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Racine, 70, 2
Majda Bakkali Fusion Sacree for Him, LuckyScent, 2
Maria Candide Gentile Exultat, D/3, 2
Maria Candide Gentile Barry Lyndon, Twisted Lily, 2
Maria Candide Gentile Finisterre, Twisted Lily, 2
Masque Milano Montecristo, LuckyScent, 2
Mazzolari Lui, D/10, 2/mL
Mazzolari Vetiver, D/20, 2/mL
Memo Manoa, s, 3
Miller et Bertaux Bois de Gaïac et Poire, D/3, 2
Miller et Bertaux Oh Oh Oh, D/3, 2
Miller et Bertaux Spiritus/Land, D/20, 2/mL
Miller Harris la Fumee, D/4, $9
Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or —Vetiver, LuckyScent, 2
Monsieur Rochas Concentree Edt, D/4, $5
Monsillage Eau Fraiche EdT, Twisted Lily, 2
Montale Red Vetyver, LuckyScent, 2

Naomi Goodsir Bois d’Ascese, LuckyScent, 2
Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours, D/10, 2/mL
Naomi Goodsir Or du Serail, LuckyScent, 2
Neela Vermiere Trayee EdP, LuckyScent, 2
nu_be Mercury, INDIESCENTS, 2
nu_be Sulphur, INDIESCENTS, 2

Oliver and Company La Colonia, LuckyScent, 2
Olivier Durbano Citrine, LuckyScent, 2
Olympic Orchids DevOne, OS, 4
Olympic Orchids Woodcut, OS, 4
Olympic Orchids Olympic Rain, OS, 4
Olympic Orchids Blackbird, OS, 4
Olympic Orchids Arizona, s, 3

Panama Boellis 1924 EdT, LuckyScent, 2
Parfumerie Generale Coze, LuckyScent, 3
Parfumerie Generale Arabian Horse, D/5, $14
Parfumerie Generale Cuir Venenum, D/5, $14
Parfumerie Generale Harmatan Noir, LuckyScent, 3
Parfumerie Generale L’oiseau de nuit, LuckyScent, 3
Parfumerie Generale L’ombre fauve, LuckyScent, 3
Parfumerie Generale Vetiver Metale, D/5, $14
Parfumerie Generale Yuzo ab Irato, LuckyScent, 3
Parfums d’Empire Wazamba, LuckyScent, 2
Parfums de Marley Lipizzan, 38, 2
Parfums de Nicolai Balle de Match, D/5, $6
Parfums de Nicolai Cedrat EdC, 40, 1
Parfums Lalun Blanche de Bois, OS/2, 5
Parfums Lalun Phenomene Verte, OS/2, 5
Parfums Lalun Phenomene Verte II, OS/2, 5
Patyka Chypre (v), D/30, 4/mL
Peccato Originale Tintura Spiritosa, Twisted Lily, 3
Penhaligon’s Esprit du Roi, D/3, 2
Penhaligon’s LP No. 9 for men, LuckyScent, 2
Pierre Cardin Homme EdT (v), D/90, 1/mL
PK Ere, OS/5, $14
Profumum Thundra, LuckyScent, 2
Profumum Neroli, s, 1

R de Capucci pour Homme, D/60, 1/mL
Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos, s, 2
Ramon Monegal Mon Cuir, LuckyScent, 2
Ricci Club (v), D/23, 1/mL
Ricci Trophee, D/8, $9
Rochas Globe (v), D/15, $14
Rochas Moustache (v), D/75, 1/mL
Richard Lüscher Britos (set of 5), LuckyScent, $17 (Calabria, Columbia, Chausse Mejean, Madagascar. Valais)
Roger et Gallet L’Homme, D/20, 1/mL
Robert Piguet Bandit, s, 2
Romeo Gigli per Uomo (v), D/15, $15

Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia, s, 1
Sebastiane Espresso Royale, INDIESCENTS, 3
Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, s, 3
Sheseido BaLuckyScentama (v), D/9, $19
Sisley Eau de Compagne, 3x, OS, 2
Slumberhouse Sadanne, LuckyScent, 4
Slumberhouse Kiste, Twisted Lily, 4
Smell Bent Incensed, s, 2
Soivohle Blood Orange and Vetiver, D/11, $20
Soivohle Iguana, D/5, $9
Soivohle Jhango Bay, D/11, $20
Soivohle Juniper Berry, OS/3, $6
Soivohle Lemon Eucalyptus, OS/3, $6
Soivohle Little Bohemia, OS/3, $6
Soivohle Nocturne, OS/3, $6
Soivohle Sedona Blue, s, $6
Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods, OS, 2

Tauer Pentachord Verdant, LuckyScent, 3
Tauer Pentachord Verdant, INDIESCENTS, 3
Tauerville Rose Flash, Twisted Lily, 2
Tauerville Vanilla Flash, Twisted Lily, 2
The Different Company Sel de Vetiver, D/9, $20
Thirdman Eau Monumentale EdC, Twisted Lily, 2
Tiffany for Men Concentree (v), D/5, $9
Tom Ford London, D/5, $15
Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu, LuckyScent, 3
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, D/5, $15

Ungaro II (v), D/65, 2/mL
Ungaro III (v), D/15, $29

Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest, s, 2
von Eusendorff Classic Orange, D/5, $9

Worth pour Homme, D/8, $8
Worth pour Homme haute concentration, D/40, 1/mL

Yosh Sombre Negra, LuckyScent, 2
YSL M7, s, 1
YSL Paris EdP (silver cap), M/7, $9
YSL Paris EdT (red cap), D/30, 1/mL
YSL pour Homme (v), D/30, 1/mL
YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme, D/5, $6
YSL Y EdP mini, M/3, $7
YSL Y EdT spray, FB w/box, 30, $25

Zoologist Panda, OS/3, 5
Zoologist Beaver, OS/3, 5
Zoologist Beaver, INDIESCENTS, 3
Zoologist Rhinoceros, OS/3, 5
Zoologist Rhinoceros, INDIESCENTS, 3

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, have a bunch! I wouldn't mind swapping a few.

Tom S.
Middle of MO
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:48 pm    Post subject: sample Reply with quote

Pm'd you
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:45 pm    Post subject: Metal atomizers Reply with quote

Hi Tim,
How are you counting the ones in metal atomizers? Extra or the same?
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