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Decant Shop
Quality decants in 5ml or 8ml plastic atomizers, freshly decanted to order. 'At cost' shipping from Germany. Paypal fees included!

Germany: € 4,00 [insured] or € 1,65 regular mail.
Europe: € 2-4,50
Overseas: € 4-8

Decants are 8ml, except where indicated!

Many perfumes are already linked to the basenotes directory or homepage for easy access to additional information. Just click the name.

TREASURE CHEST: Rare Discontinued Fragrances
8ml decants except where indicated

40 LOVE EdC by Jean Desprez € 15
Virtually impossible to find. Rich 70s-80s style masculinity, with notes of spices, rose, dirty musk

ADAM EdC Extra by Adam € 6
Italian classic cologne

Adlon pour homme by Berlin Cosmetics € 8 NOW ONLY € 3

Air of Calm by Molton Brown €6
Suitable as body & room fragrance: natural thyme, oakmoss and vetiver make for an herbal, clean, soothing scent

Air of Joy by Molton Brown €6
Suitable as body & room fragrance: neroli, lemon petigrain make for a refreshing classic EdC style fragrance

Ambro EdT by Jacomo - € 3 for a 7.5 ml boxed miniature (splash)

Claiborne for Men EdT by Liz Claiborne € 5

Colors EdT by Alexander Julian - € 4 for a 7.5 ml boxed miniature (splash)
a creamy flowery oriental for men

Coriolan EdT by Guerlain 8€

Corps Fou EdT by Roberto Capucci € 5
Sweet piney oriental

Couture EdT by Gattinoni 8€
rare Italian women's fragrance from a classy thimble-topped bottle.
Top:Bergamot, Lilly of the Valley, Cyclamen. Middle:Almond blossom, Peony, Amaryllis, Tonka. Base: White cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk.

Dunhill (1934) EdC by Alfred Dunhill 5ml 10€; 8ml €15

Eau de Cologne Ambrée de Jussy Saint-James € 4
Traditional ambered cologne from Southern France. Very good quality

Gale Hayman Man EdT by Gale Hayman € 4

Heliotrope EdT by Mary Chess €5
a long discontinued classic from the 1930s

Jil Sander Man Pure EdT (1981) by Jil Sander 5ml € 10
Perhaps Sander's best ever. A unique interpretation of leathery chypre

Jour d'Été EdT by Roberto Capucci € 3
Sweet citrus

Mark II EdT by Jaguar €9

Maxim's de Paris EdT €7
underrated 80s powerhouse frag. Woody fougere with beautiful white blossom notes of jasmine and muguet

Opera IV EdT by Roberto Capucci € 5

Patou pour homme EdT by Jean Patou € 20 for 5ml
Considered by many to be the best men's perfume ever. Certainly an all-time great. Very limited availability.

Phileas EdT by Nina Ricci €8
Herbaceous but slightly sweeter and more balanced cousin of Yatagan.

Portos EdT by Balenciaga €15
A paradigmatic 1980s leathery chypre

Punjab EdT by Roberto Capucci € 15 - 5ml decant!
Excellent 80s-style Chypre with oriental leanings - currently out of stock

Sang Royal EdT by Roberto Capucci € 5
Orange and hot chilli pepper

Sud Est EdT by Romeo Gigli € 8,50
extreme dry herbal with loads of soapy rosemary.

Ténéré EdT by Paco Rabanne €8

Tycoon EdT by Marbert €5 NEW!!!

Vendetta pour homme EdT by Valentino €10 - 5ml decant!
superb incense fragrance that would pass as a vaunted niche perfume

Versailles pour homme EdC by Jean Desprez € 8 NEW! 5ml decant!
This is the rare EdC version of Versailles pour homme

Versailles pour homme EdT by Jean Desprez € 10 NEW! 5ml decant!

ALL Perfumes

Acca Kappa
Cedro EdC 5€

Acqua di Genova
Acqua di Genova EdC (original) 8€

Acqua di Parma
Colonia EdC (original) 8 €

Acqua di Portofino
Acqua di Portofino EdT 8€

Adolfo Dominguez
Adolfo Dominguez 6 €
Agua de Sandalo 7€
Agua Fresca 5€
Azahar EdT Fraiche 5€ - lively, zesty orange citrus with floral-neroli drydown. Unisex
Vetiver Hombre 7€ - incredibly fresh, crisp blend with a pleasant non-powderybarbershop feel

Alfred Dunhill
Dunhill (1934) EdC 15€

Anglia Perfumery
Oriental Flowers EdP 6€

Annick Goutal
Eau du Sud EdT 8€

Purple Water EdC 8€
this distinguished unisex scent gives a twist to classic Eau de Cologne formulations

Ancient Attar 5ml - 15€
Chakra III Equipoise 5ml - 15€

Onyx (=Silver Black) EdT 6€

Monsieur Balmain EdT 8€

No. 444 Extra Vieille EdC 9€ - an excellent classic French cologne with a strong neroli accent

Biehl Parfümkunstwerke
Egon Oelkers eo02 EdT € 13 Euro

Deep Forest 12€

Bois 1920
Sandalo e Thé 15€

Borsari 1870
Acqua Classica EdT 4€
Vetyver 8€
Té Verde 8€

Jaipur Homme EdT 8€

Brooksfield Men 8€

Jasmin Noir EdP 8€

Brit for Men EdT 8€
London for Men EdT 8€

Carlo Corinto
Vetyver (Vintage) 10€ 5ml sample

Caron pour un homme EdT 5 €
3ème homme/Third Man EdT 8 €
Parfum Sacré EdT 10€

Caswell Massey 5ml decants!
Number Six EdT 5€ NEW!
Tricorn EdT 5€
Sandalwood €5 NEW!

Nino Cerruti EdT 9€

Antaeus EdT 8€
Egoiste EdT 8€

Casran EdT 8€

Comme des Garcons
"3" 13€
Series 3 - Incense: Avignon 13€
Series 3 - Incense: Ouzarzate 13€ NEW!

Comptoir Sud Pacifique
Aqua Motu 8€
Écume de Thé 8€
L'Eau du Gouverneur 8€
Vétyver Haiti 8€

Happy for Men EdT 6€

Cotswold Perfumery
Amber EdT 6€

Crabtree & Evelyn
Sienna EdT 6€

Creed 5ml decant: 13 € | 8ml decant: 19 €
Ambre Cannelle
Angelique Encens
Baie de Genièvre
Bois du Portugal
Bois de Santal
5ml decant only: 20€ (limited availability)
Cypres Musc
Fleurs de Bulgarie
Néroli Sauvage
Orange Spice
Royal English Leather
Royal Delight
Royal Scottish Lavender
Séléction Verte
Vintage Tabarome
1ml decant: €15 (very limited availability)

Crown Perfumery:
Crown Imperial 8€
must-try lemon extravaganza with classic powdery drydown
Eau de Quinine 8€
underappreciated. Great tangy herbal with light powdery drydown
Marechale (Original) 1ml sample - 5€
based on a 17th century recipe. Rose with bergamot, green and tea notes
Buckingham 8€
Park Royal 8€
Sandringham 8€
Spiced Limes 10€
Town and Country 8€
great alternative to Blenheim Bouquet for small change :D

Czech & Speake 5ml decants
Cuba 13€
Frankincense and Myrrh (vintage) 20€
No. 88 13€
No. 88 vintage (made by Forester Milano) 2ml vial: 10€

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Le Roi Soleil 5ml - 20 €
Wasabi Shiso 5ml - 15 €

Arôme 3 EdT - 12€
Etiquette Bleue EdT Double Extrait 8€

Daniel Hechter
XXL Edt 5€

Different Company
Bois d'Iris EdT 15€
Osmanthus EdT 15€
Rose Poivrée EdT 15€

L'Homme Coeur EdP - 10€

Domenico Caraceni
Domenico Caraceni EdT 15€

Dukes of Pall Mall
Belgravia Cologne (vintage): 5ml - 20€
Belgravia Cologne (new, unreleased as of now): 5ml - 10€
Cotswold Cologne (vintage): 5ml - 10€

Etienne Aigner
In Leather Man EdT 8€
Etienne Aigner No. 2 EdT 6€

Anice EdT 8€
Gomma EdT 8€
Heliotrope EdT 8 €
Messe de Minuit EdC 8€
Patchouli EdC 8 €
Shaal Nur EdT 8 €
SandaloEdC 8 €
Vetiver EdC 8 €

Farina Gegenüber 1709
Original Eau de Cologne - current formulation 8€

Original Eau de Cologne - ca. 1963 formulation 10€

Original Eau de Cologne ca. 1955 formulation 20€ (5ml decant)

No. 89 Vintage cologne (ca. 1980) - € 20 (5ml decant)

Eau d'Hongrie 6€

Gianni Campagna
Scilla e Chariddi EdT 12€

Geo. F. Trumper 5ml decants!
Curzon Cologne 10€
Eucris Cologne 10€
Extract of West Indian Limes Cologne 8€

Geoffrey Beene
Bowling Green EdT 4€

Gobin Daudé
Sous le Buis EdT 1ml: 5 €

Envy for Men EdT 9€

Les Eaux de Guerlain (classic Eau de Colognes)
Impériale EdC €7
Du Coq EdC €7 Eau de Guerlain EdC €10

Acqua Allegoria Pamplelune 10€
Coriolan EdT 12€
Habit Rouge EdC 8€
Mouchoir de Monsieur EdT 15€
Shalimar Extrait 40€ (5ml decant)
Vetiver EdT 6€

Eau d'Hermès EdT 12€
Eau d'Orange Vert EdC 10€
Concentrée d'Orange Vert 10€

Twice homme EdT 5€

Il Profumo 5ml decants
Chocolat 10€
Vetiver de Java Osmo Parfum 15€

Issey Miyake
L'Eau Bleue d'Issey EdT 8€

Jacques Bogart
Bogart (1975) 5€
Witness 5€

Jean Patou
Eau de Patou 15€
Joy EdP 5€ (5 ml decant)
1000 EdP 5€ (5 ml decant)
Patou pour homme EdT € 30 (5ml decant)
Patou pour homme privé EdT € 40 (5ml decant)

John Varvatos
John Varvatos EdT - 5€

Le Bain € 13

Keiko Mecheri 5ml decant
Oliban EdP € 15

Laboratoire des Sources
100% natural, 99% certified organic Eaux de Colognes
Hesperidée EdC €3.50
Bergamot, Néroli, Lemon, Orange, Petigrain, True Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Sandalwood
Verbena EdC €3.50
Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Verbena, Petitgrain, Néroli, Lavandin, Sandalwood, Cedar, Ylang, Incense
Lavandée EdC €3.50
Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Verbena, True Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Thyme, Sandalwood, Peppermint

Laura Tonnato
Albi (vintage) EdT - 15€
Sandalo per Teti EdP EdT - 15 €

L'Occitane en Provence
Vetyver EdT vintage 15€

Lorenzo Villoresi: 5ml: 10 8ml: 15€
Acqua di Colonia
Piper Nigrum
Sandalo 5ml:

Villoresi specials:
Mare Nostrum - only 15 flacons in existence: € 25 / 5ml
Virginia - limited edition tobacco scent: € 25 / 5ml

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
Pour Le Jeune Homme EdT 15€
Fraiche Badiane EdP EdT 15€

Marc Jacobs
Splash Rain € 6

Masakï Matsushïma
Mat; very male EdT 8€

Mavive Venezia
Monothème: Black Coffee EdT 5€
Pino Silvestre EdT 3€

Mauboussin homme EdP 10€
slightly smoky take on Caron pour un homme

Lui 5ml:10€ 8ml:15€

Miller & Bertaux
L'Eau de Parfum #2: Spiritus/Land EdP 10€

Nicole Farhi
Nicole Farhi Homme 8€

Nina Ricci
Bigarade EdT 7€NEW!!!

Basenotes is mistaken, this was one of the first fragrances consciously marketed as a unisex perfume.
Mémoire d'Homme EdT 7€
Phileas EdT EdT 8€

Paco Rabanne
Paco EdT 6€

Parfume Noir
Styrax Origin Storax Amber 5€ - beautifully resinous, all-natural "gothic" scent. As good as Aesop's luxury perfumes highly praised by Luca Turin.

Parfums d'Empire: 5ml - 8€ ; 8ml - 11€
Cuir Ottoman
Fougère Bengale

Parfums de Nicolai
Cologne Sologne EdC 7€
Haute Provence EdC 8€
Maharadja: € 12

Castile EdT 5ml 8€ | 8ml 12€
Racquets EdT 5ml 8€ | 8ml 12€
Hammam Bouquet EdT 5ml 8€ | 8ml 12€

Pierre Cardin
Pour Monsieur EdC 6€

René Lezard
Identité EdT 6€ - Must try. Cognac, coffee, Muscovado sugar. Not syrupy or cloying, a warm and cozy gourmand.

Richard James, Savile Row
Richard James EdT €8

Roger et Gallet
Cologne EdC 7€ - a green citrus cologne newly created by Dominique Ropion
Extra Vieille Jean Marie Farina EdC 6€ - an absolute classic.
Vetyver EdC 6€

Romeo Gigli
Romeo Gigli EdT EdT €6
Sud Est EdT € 8,50

Ronaldo Esper
Millesimé 7€ - exotic green top meets classy sophisticated base. Brilliant scentNEW!
Exclusive 7€
Future 7€

Royall Bay Rhum 5€
Royall Spice 5€

Serge Lutens:5ml decants
Arabie EdP 10 €
Ambre Sultan Eau Fraiche Parfumée 10 €
Borneo 1834 EdP 12 €
Daim Blond EdP 10 €
Douce Amère EdP 10 €
Vetyver Orientale EdP 10€

Eau de Campagne EdT 9€
Excentric classic. Very grassy green, great tomato leaf note.

Tauer Perfumes
L'Air du Desert Marocain 5ml - 12 €

Washington Tremlett
Black Tie EdT (5ml decant) 10 €

West Indies Bay Company
St. John's West Indian Lime CologneEdT 4€

Click here for Bottles on sale

Further decants will be added to the list. In the meantime you can see all my fragrances here. Please send PM to inquire about additional perfumes listed there. Thanks :) 8)
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Account functional again! Lots of new stuff added!

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Fragrance order

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Could I please order the following three fragrances?

Eau D'Orange Verte 8€/8mL
Nino Cerruti Pour Homme 9€/8mL
Roger & Gallet - Jean Marie Farina – Extra 6€/8mL

Total of €23 + shipping.

You can send me a PayPal bill at or I can pay you at your PayPal address.

Tim McIndoo

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Order from awayalonealong

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I don't believe I heard back from you on my order. Can you fill it? Did email get lost?


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back in business after a long hiatus

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