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Bigsly's HUGE Samples & Decants List (Special Offers too

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:41 am    Post subject: Bigsly's HUGE Samples & Decants List (Special Offers too Reply with quote

SPECIAL DEAL: I've got too much of certain scents so I'm offering a 1/4 ounce decant (in glass bottles) sale on some of these (plus actual shipping, USA only; while supplies last):

vintage Caron Pour un Homme (1960s Les Plus Belles Lavandes EdT): $7
Z-14 by Halston (new version): $5
Micallef #31 EdP for Men (similar to Heritage): $5
vintage Polo: $10.
vintage Ungaro EdT (1977 women's scent): $8.
Eau de Cartier: $4.50.
vintage Quorum: $5.
vintage Giorgio for Men by GBH: $7.
vintage Jacomo de Jacomo (men's): $5.
vintage Aspen (men's): $4.
Stardust for Men (2001): $9
vintage British Sterling Cologne (by MEM): $4
vintage English Leather Cologne (by MEM): $4
Yacht Man Red: $2

Note that I am working on getting my decant list together, so if you see something listed below you can ask me if I can make up an 8 ml decant of it and I'll let you know what's possible. If you are interested in buying bottles see my Basenotes sales page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice and everything is limited and may be gone by the time you send me a message. International orders are not guaranteed; you will be able to see that the package was accepted by the Post Office but if it gets lost after that I assume no responsibility.

I am "Bigsly" at Basenotes and Fragrantica, for those of you who don't know. Special Deal (while supplies last): Spend $15 or more on samples or decants (shipping cost not taken into account) and you can get one of the following (never used splash bottles, no box):

vintage 1/2 ounce Red for Men by GBH: $12
vintage Xeryus mini (4 ml) for $7.50 or
vintage Xeryus Rouge mini (4 ml) for $7.50 or
Dali's first fragrance (women's), in box (5 ml): $7.50
Dream Angels Heavenly (new .25 ounce) for $7
Givenchy Gentleman (new 3 ml): $8
Opium for Women (vntage 7.5 ml): $14

Otherwise, they are $2 more each.

Note that this post was created a long time ago, but this list is still being updated whenever there are changes (I am writing this on May 29, 2015). My sample prices vary from $1 to $3 per 1 ml (if I have 1 ml; if less, I'll let you know before you order), with very few exceptions. The decants section is at the bottom of the page. It's new for me, and a "work in progress." They are half an ounce (though 5 ml or half ounce ones are possible; email me if you want those sizes for prices), in a new glass bottle with screw cap. Prices assume you pay as a gift with paypal. Availability is limited in some cases, so nothing is guaranteed here. Most of the men's are EdTs, though some are EdCs or EdPs (I think I noted that but I may have missed one or two), while the women's may be EdT or EdP, and EdC for some vintage ones (nothing is really weak, even if EdC, in my experience with these fragrances). For bottle sales/swaps, see my lists at the forums (my username there is Bigsly). Contact me with any questions.



Popular samples (ones that are most asked about; $1.50 per ml for those in this group unless otherwise stated):

The Knize Ten (decades old, and I think there is top note loss)
Chanel Pour Monsieur (vintage cologne version)
Yatagan ($1.25)
Rive Gauche Pour Homme
Kouros (not the most recent formulation)
Dior Homme (new version)
Body Kouros
Le Baiser du Dragon EdP ($2)
Vetiver by Guerlain
Azzaro Pour Homme ($1.25)
The Dreamer by Versace
L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (vintage)
Caron Pour Un Homme
Mugler Cologne


Aromatic Lime by Montale
Narciso Rodriquez for Him EdT
Cereus #5 (has some elements of Vetiver Tonka to it)
Courvoisier EdT
Viaggio d'Africa (similar to Vetiver Tonka)
Sun Java White for Men (similar to Silver Moutain Water)
Bentley Intense
Potion Royal Black
Bakir EdP (not the first formulation)
Bvlgari Extreme (1999)
Le Male Terrible
Kenzo Power Cologne
Carlo Corinto Rouge
Bambou by Roger & Gallet
Thallium Black
Shine by Heidi Klum
Axis Oud
Iris by Crabtree & Evelyn
Chaleur d'Animale
Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Vermeil (vintage or new)
Hilfiger Man (like a light Rochas Man)
Midnight in Paris EdP
Black Sun by Dali
Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole
Avant Garde
Soul2soul Man
Portofolio Elite for Men
Smarty Susie
Lomani (1987)
Yacht Man Blue
Tabu Dreams
Dark Flower (decent Black Orchid "clone"): 50 cents
Port Nuovo (solid Gucci Pour Homme/2003 "clone"): 50 cents
HiM EdP or EdT by Hanae Mori
Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum (oud note)
Shock for Her (reminds me of a Bond #9 gourmand but not as strong)
M. de Bourbon Pour Homme (uncompromisingly dry herbs dominate)
Playboy Hollywood Men (50 cents)
Playboy Ibiza Men (50 cents)
Navy for Men (50 cents)
Queen by Queen Latifah ("the feminine Pure Malt) 50 cents
Early American Old Spice (1950s)
Soul2Soul for Men by McGraw
Lolita Lempicka Eau de Toilette (women's)
Unbreakable (unisex, with apple and dark chocolate notes)
Les Orientaux Patchouli by Molinard (close to niche quality here!)
Diesel Green for Women (unisex potential)
Rebelle (good coffee note here)
Captain by Molyneux (new formulation but still at least decent)
Jacomo Rouge
Ambre Sultan
Gucci Pour Homme II
Nicole Miller EdP (1993 vintage, for women)
Unbreakable (unisex with a dark chocolate note)
Lolita Lempicka EdT (1997, women's, but many find this unisex)
Cedre Bleu by Yves Rocher
Captain by Molyneux
Jil Sander Man Pure (1981)
McGraw (his first scent, has a whiskey note)
Perceive for Men by Avon
Adidas Team Force, 50 cents.
Tease by Paris Hlton
Yacht Man Red, 50 cents
KISS Her, 50 cents
Navy (women's)
Charlie (vintage)
Red for Women by GBH
FUBU Plush for Women
Queen of Hearts (Latifah)

vintage Navigator
1960s Commando Cologne (an excellent traditional "cologne")
early version of Adidas Moves
Playboy London
Adam Levine for Women
Pure Game by Adidas (50 cents)
Extreme Power by Adidas (50 cents)
vintage ("all gold cap") Lauder for Men Cologne
vintage Magie EdC by Lancome (not Magie Noire)
Monsieur de Givenchy (vintage, first formulation!)
Valentino Uomo
Coeur de Vetiver Sacre by L'Artisan
The Rouge (red tea) by Bvlgari
Very Irresistible Men
vintage CK be
vintage Herrera For men
vintage Laguna Homme
Spark for Men
vintage English Leather Cologne (by MEM)
Mukhalat Jumana by Swiss Arabian
The Rouge (red tea) by Bvlgari
Tuscan Leather by TF
HiM by Hanae Mori EdT
Patou Pour Homme (vintage)
Midnight in Paris EdT
Sculpture Homme by Nikos (similar to Minotaure)
English Pears and Freesia by Jo Malone
vintage Vetyver by Carlo Corinto
Le Feu d'Issey (official spray sample)
Micallef # 11
Micallef # 21
Micallef #31 EdP for Men (similar to Heritage)
vintage Dans la Nuit EdT
Stardust for Men (2001)
Mauboussin (vintage) EdP
Brit for Men by Burberry
Gucci by Gucci (2007, women's)
Blush by Marc Jacobs
Burberry Weekend for Women
Vera Wang EdP for Women
Cool Water for Women (Lancaster version)
Heritage Eau de Parfum
Vintage Greenbriar
Acqu di Parma Colonia (vintage)
vintage Marbert Homme
Good Life for Men by Davidoff
Club Man by Azzaro (with papaya and cannabis notes!)
AB Spirit Silver by Lomani (similar to Aventus)
Intense Black by Lomani (similar to Royal Oud)
Play Intense
Made to Measure
Cannabis Santal by Fresh
Baladin by PdN
Fleur du Male by Gaultier
Allure Homme Sport
Sienna by C &E (rare vintage formulation)
Good Life Davidoff (women's version)
Body and Soul (similar to Bleu de Chanel)
vintage Aspen
Oud & Roses by Lanvin
Royal Copenhagen
Johann Maria Farina Aktuell EdC (this is the "real" vintage scent incredible
smell but it has very little longevity)
vintage Drakkar Noir
Malizia Uomo Vetyver
Decadence for Men (decent wormwood scent)
Evolution for Men by Jaguar
Lacoste (1984 men's release)
Carven Homme
vintage Royal Copenhagen Cologne
Yacht Man Chocolate (special deal: 8 ml for $2.75)
Cereus #4
Cereus #12
vintage Cabochard EdT
Tuscany Donna (vintage)
Liz Claiborne for Women (vintage from blue triangle bottle)
Loud for Him by Hilfiger
Rebel for Men by James Dean
Pop for Men by Andy Warhol
Cadillac Couple (modern tobacco scent)
460 Park by Peter Thomas Roth (similar to
Preferred Stock
vintage Jovan Ginseng NRG
In Green by Henry Cotton
vintage British Sterling
Bogart Pour Homme (2004).
Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude Summer Sorbet (coffee note!).
Ted by Lapidus (1999)
Ameer al Oudh by Lattafa
Oud Intense by Jovan (sort of like a light version of Black Aoud)
vintage Vetiver Carven
Ivanka Trump
Eau de Patou
Y by YSL
vintage Uomo? Moschino
Alain Delon (1980 original, not the reformulated "Classic" version)
Royal Delight by Creed
K de Krizia (vintage)
Dolce & Gabbana (vintage "red cap" 1992, marketed to women)
Pure Havane
Pure Leather/Cuir
vintage Bay Rum by Avon (great stuff!)
vintage Drakkar Noir
vintage/'1983 Shalimar EdT
vintage (blue/gray bottle) Competition by Nautica
Nautica Competition (original gray bottle)
Boss Soul
Fantasque (vintage) by Feraud
Kiehl's Original Musk
vintage Cinnabar
Lacoste Style in Play
Christian Audigier for Men
Jeter Driven Sport
Stetson Country
Bois Precieux by Molinard (sandalwood scent, with vanilla/tonka)
vintage Histoire d'Amour by Aubusson
V Valentino for Men
Sables by Annick Goutal
Duel by Annick Goutal
vintage Arrogance Uomo
Private Number by Aigner
Eaux de Caron Forte
Aubusson Homme
Davidoff (fist scent by this company, for men)
Eau de Cologne by Caron (rare)
Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart
Ambre Baldessarini
Cereus #14 (creamy, woody cognac, with violet to start)
Cereus #7 (strong violet and leather)
Bvlgari Green Tea Extreme
vintage O de Lancome (this one is special and unisex, IMO)
vintage Halston (first women's scent by Halston)
super-rare 1960s Messire by Jean D'Albret (superb lemony chypre with smooth sandalwood in the drydown)
Canali Style
Cigar Aficionado
Polo Crest
CJ Black
Chanel No. 5 (vintage EdC)
Adolfo Long-lasting Cologne for Men
Dior Homme Sport (original formulation)
Sexual Nights by Germain
Emotion for Men by Cardin
Persian Wood by Avon (1979 cologne formulation)
vintage Epris by Max Factor
vintage Bill Blass for women
vintage Aviance
vintage L'Air du Temps
Solo Loewe
Bulletproof by Tokyo Milk (similar to Tea for Two in some ways)
vintage Canoe (much better vanilla scent than I expected)
Boss Pure for Men
Vetiver by Guerlain (ribbed bottle)
Ho Hang
Metropolis by Estee Lauder
Land by Lacoste
Burberry Weekend for Men
Mitsouko EdT (circa late 1990s)
Eau de Givenchy (vintage)
Egoiste (recent EdT formulation)
Vendetta Homme by Valentino
Lalique White
Encre Noire
Smalto for Men (1998; I also have the 1987 one)
Eau de Prep for Women by Tommy Hilfiger
Eau Sauvage EdT (May, 2011 batch)
Tam Dao
Quartz Pour Homme (1995, by Molyneux)
La Nuit by Paco Rabanne (vintage 1985 EdP)
Mr. Blass (like a light version of Terre d'Hermes without the massive amount of iso e super; much more natural smelling to me)
Cotton Club for Men
FCUK for Him
CK One Electric
California by Hollister
Armani Eau Pour Homme (vintage version)
Rive Gauche Intense Pour Homme
Guerlain Homme
Spicebomb by V&R
vintage Egoiste by Chanel (not the Platinum one)
Eau Dynamisante by Clarins
vintage Heritage by Guerlain
vintagee Z by Halston (nice, light fruity/woody chypre)
Burberry's for Men, original 1981 scent
D&G #10 La Roue de La Fortune
vintage Opium (women's) EdT
vintage Z-14 (Halston version)
vintage Woods of Windsor
vintage One Man Show
Obsession Men (first, Cologne Spray formulation)
Poison by Dior
Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Hot Couture White by Givenchy
212 Men (first formulation)
Colors Men by UCB (first/vintage formulation)
Royal Secret (vintage EdC, I consider it unisex)
Eau Sauvage vintage aftershave
Bvlgari Black
Laguna by Dali (women's version)
Eau des Iles by MPG
Halston Limited Cologne
Paradoxe by Cardin (base is similar to vintage Yatagan)
Fancy Nights
Poudre D�Orient by Le Labo
vintage/1989 Liz Claiborne for Men
Elixir des Merveilles by Hermes
Casmir by Chopard
Todd Oldham
Opium Pour Homme EdT
Unbound for Men
Aramis Life
Echo Davidoff
Heir by Hilton (drydown is sort of like a light version of Cuiron)
Tommy Summer Cologne (the one with the Lighthouse on the bottle)
Nautica by Voyage (first formulation, made by Lancaster, not Coty)
Claiborne Sport (original formulation)
Citrus & Wood by Yardley (similar to Terre d'Hermes)
Centaure Casaque by Pierre Cardin
Baryshnikov Sport
Byblos Uomo
Bijan V.I.P. Men
Adventurer II by Eddie Bauer
Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta (1999)
Bleu Marine by Pierre Cardin
Acqua di Gio
1-12 by Halston (vintage)
Salvador by Dali (this is the second men's, from 1992)
Eau de Tsar
vintage Bowling Green
Jaguar Performance (like a light version of One Man Show)
Tattoo by Germain (base is like the A*men ones, IMO)
Kenzo Jungle for Men
vintage Caron Pour Un Homme (Les Plus Belles Lavandes EdT)
vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme
vintage Tuscany by Aramis
Pierre Cardin Musk (1987)
Avatar by Coty
Curve for Men
Comme une Evidence Homme
Rodier Eau de Toilette Homme Eau Intense
Yang (by Yin Yang Parfums)
Trend Pour Homme by Les Copains (similar to Gucci's Rush for Men)
Soldano Black/Nero
Santos Concentree
Oriental Lumpur by Les Nereides
Escada Pour Homme
Chemistry by Clinique
Emporior Armani He
1881 Intense
Code by Armani
vintage Photo by Lagerfeld
The Dreamer by Versace
L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (vintage)
Globe by Rochas
Power by Kenzo
D&G Anthology L`Amoureux 6
Brit for Men by Burberry
Krizia Uomo
Dark Blue by Hugo Boss (vintage)
Roots Spirit Man
Perry Man by Perry Ellis
Lucky You for Men
Baryshnikov (yes the rare, expensive one!)
Armani Mania
Code by Armani
Rochas Man
Body Kouros
The Secret by Antonio Banderas
Infusion de Vetiver by Prada
Miracle Homme l'Aquatonic by Lancome
Hypnose Homme
Joop! Nightflight
Chanel Pour Monsieur (original; not the new, "Concentrated" one)
Rive Gauche Pour Homme
Vintage by John Varvatos
Mugler Cologne
"Creed"/Number 39 from the dollar store (very good GIT knockoff for the price): 2 ml for 30 cents.
Deseo Men by JLo
Emporio Armani Diamonds Men
Eau des Baux by L'Occitane
The One Gentleman by D&G
L'Homme Libre by YSL
Vetiver Guerlain (ribbed bottle)
Mauboussin Homme
Capucci Pour Homme
Tabac (EdT version)
Cactus Shot by Everlast (like a milder Xeryus Rouge)
Star USA by John Varvatos
Lancetti Monsieur
Burberry Men (1995)
Salvador Dali Pour Homme (vintage)
Vetiver by Guerlain
Eternity for Men (vintage, not made by Coty)
Adventure by Eddie Bauer (vintage)
Caesar's World Man (vintage)
Safran Troublant
Zegna Forte
vintage Leonard Pour Homme
Mark Ecko The Exhibit
Eddie Bauer Adventure (vintage)
Eternity (vintage)
New York for Gentlemen by Brooks Brothers
Cadillac Extreme (similar to Burberry's London for Men)
Wall Street (vintage, by Victor)
FUBU Plush for Men
Habanita EdT
Jean Pascal
La Nuit de l'Homme by YSL
L'Homme by YSL
Cool Water
Ungaro I
Ungaro II
Ungaro III (I have both vintage and new)
Joop! Jump Summer Temptation
Mediterraneum (great sandalwood note)
Habit Rouge EdT
AdP's Colonia Assoluta
YSL Pour Homme Concentrated
L'Uomo by Trussardi
Excited by Ted Lapidus
vintage Tsar by VC&A
Pino Fifty
Friends by Moschino
Xeryus (from first bottle style change)
Jazz by YSL
Concept 18 by Pal Zileri
Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne (vintage)
Green Water by J. Fath (newest version)
1881 by Cerruti
Catalyst for Men (vintage French Fragrances, Inc. version)
Giorgio for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills (vintage)
Giorgio for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills (new version)
Vintage Polo
Joint by Roccobarocco
Opium Pour Homme EdP (YSL)
Lucky Number 6
John Varvatos The Fragrance
Samba for Men (the orginal)
L`Altra Follia Follia di AquaRama Sport (the notes for this one are mandarin, golden kiwi, yuzu, lime, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, aquatic notes, waterlily, sambac jasmine, vetiver, cedarwood, labdanum, ambergris, and teak).
Le Male Terrible
Jazz Prestige
Ambre Gris (unisex)
Lalique Equus (hard to find, more transparent EdT version)
Bowling Green
Homme de Gres
Acqua di Gio
Dunhill for Men ("1934")
Benetton Man Blu (similar to Attitude by Armani)
Benetton Man Verde
Harrods for Men
Success is a Job in New York
Royal Pub Cologne (vintage, circa 1970)
Third Man by Caron (newest version)
Aramis Herbal 900 (vintage)
Gianfranco Ferr� for Man (1986)
Caesar's Man
Dior Homme (original EdT)
Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (vintage, 1970s)
Guess Marciano
I Am King
Image by Cerruti
Herrera Aqua
Jil Sander for Men (2000, by Jacques Cavallier)
Lacoste Essential
Ocean Rain by Valentino
Maxim's Pour Homme
Citytower by Bogart
Statement by Aigner
Eau de Rochas (first formulation)
Rochas Lui
Signor Vivara (super rare; starts like Knize Ten, then goes more for sandalwood than leather, from 1970)
Wood Grains Sandalwood by Max Factor
Eryo by Yves Rocher
Emporio Lui by Armani (1998)
Nino Cerruti (vintage 1979; similar to Insense)
Gucci Pour Homme (1976 version)
Gucci Pour Homme II
Eau du Badian by L'Occitane
Lauder for Men
Ungaro II
Animale Animale
vintage Bijan
Roadster by Cartier
Fahrenheit (code AB1, which seems to mean it's from 2000)
Mustang by Estee Lauder
Joop! Homme
Grey Flannel
Noir by Bath and Body Works (2010)
Carrington Cologne (vintage; has aspects of Azzaro Pour Homme and Kouros)
Richard James
Chrome by Azzaro
Cuba Gold
Red for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills (vintage version)
Higher by Dior
Vintage 1987 Night Spice (a flanker to Old Spice that is smoother yet still rich)
Tristano Onofri
Sung Homme
Puma Man (2002)
Eau de Cartier
Le Dandy by D'Orsay (vintage or "silver cap")
Etiquette Bleu by D'Orsay
Joseph Abboud
Duc de Vervins
Rochas Moustache (from the red label, vintage-look bottle)
Jaguar original (vintage, green bottle/brown wood cap)
Tommy T
Ulysee by Vicky Tiel
Boss Bottled
Dolce & Gabbana Masculine
Marc Jacobs Man
Crave by CK
Acqua Di Parma Lavanda Tonica
Mark Birley Man
L'Instant Homme EdT
Tabaco Latino (sort of like B*Men with tobacco, but lighter)
Havana by Aramis
Quorum (vintage version)
Enrico Sebastiano (an A*Men/Attitude type of fragrance, but no tar or harsh notes)
Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme (white label on front)
Vintage Nicole Miller for Men (Rivera Concepts of Toronto, Canada)
Xeryus (vintage)
Xeryus Rouge (vintage)
Tom Ford for Men
Equipage (vintage first formulation)
Carlos Santana
ST Dupont Signature
Perry Ellis for Men (1985, newest formulation)
Versus by Versace
Versailles Pour Homme
Chaps (vintage)
Brut 33 (circa late 1970s; rich and smooth compared to current Brut, with a mild animalic note)
Acteur (vintage)
Gendarme V
Woodhue (new version)
Jordache Man (original formulation, 1983)
Everlast Original 1910
101 Men by Valenti
Obsession Night
Montana Parfum d'Homme ("red box")
Bobby Jones Cologne
Devin by Aramis (vintage)
Apparition Intense
Romance Silver by Lauren
Dunhill Desire (red)
Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentration
M; Men by Matsushima
Jack Black Silver Mark
Jack Black Black Mark
H.M. by Hanae Mori EdT
IL Lancetti
Chaz (vintage)
Boss #1
Versace L'Homme (original formulation)
M. de Morabito
Messe de Minuit (unisex, this is the second formulation, apparently, which aficionados seem to think is best; I've only tried this one, and really like it)
Black Walnut
Baby Blue Jeans
Challenge by Lacoste
Burberry Sport Ice for Men
Lacoste Pour Homme (2002)
Emporio Armani Remix for Him
Lolita Lempick au Masculin
Jacomo for Men ("Silver")
Jacomo Rouge
Jacomo de Jacomo (vintage version, 1980)
Cellini (1980)
Ignis by Omar Sharif
Elegance by Lacoste
M7 (original/first formulation)
Play it Again... Sixty Strength for Men by Woodard (I think this is early to mid 1970s and is a more traditional fougere, without the creamy lavender/tonka accord, but instead with strong oakmoss and a little musky; vibrant and a little "raw")
Romeo Gigli Uomo
Polo Modern Reserve
Versace Pour Homme (2008)
Nero Scuro by Sergrio Soldano
Rouge Royal
Vetiver de Puig
Xeryus (second formulation/bottle type)
Listen by Herb Alpert
Diesel Zero Plus au Masculin
Deauville Pour Homme
Polo Double Black
Trump the Fragrance
Tiffany for Men
Lalique Lion EdT
Kenzo Homme Boisee (like a light version of Encre Noire)
Ambra by Etro (unisex)
Historie d'Eau (basically unisex; suede/dried fruit/vanilla/spice)
Ricci Club (concentrated formulation)
Paul Smith London
Michael for Men (Kors)
One Man Show
Burberry London
Bvlgari Black
Armani Attitude
Nicole Miller for Men (new formulation)
Oscar Pour Lui (vintage and new)
Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (vintage Tsumura formulation)
4711 by M&W (vintage 1970s)
Bijan (1981)
Pheromone by Miglin
Starring by Avon
U Ungaro Him
Sentiment by Escada
Ciel mon Jardin! (unisex)
Baime (unisex but more masculine than feminine, very herbal)
Samba Heat
Samba Kiss Me
Samba Red
Samba Nova
Cumming the Fragrance
Adidas Sport Field
Adidas Victory League
Cuba Red
Cuba Green
Silver/Black by Azzaro (Azzaro's Onyx is the same thing)
Colours by Alexander Julian
Paradiso Inferno
JHL by Aramis
Dirty English
Devotion by Sabatini
Celine Fever Pour Homme (similar to a CdG Incense fragrance)
John Sterling (similar to a Creed juniper berry/green fragrance but not as high quality)
Tristano Onofrio
Francesco Smalto
Green Jeans
Celine Fever
Altamir by Lapidus
Joop Jump!
Lapidus (1987)
Carolina Herrera For Men Refreshing Ginger
Jacomo Rouge
Canali Black Diamond
Sybaris by Puig
Kenneth Cole Black
Visit by Azzaro
Pure Lavender by Azzaro
Chaleur d'Animale
1-12 by Halston
Jaipur Homme EdP
Pino Silvestre
Passion by Ferrari
Moods Uomo
Barolo (From "Barolo is a masculine fragrance inspired by the Nebiollo grape and good wine. It was created by the perfumer Clement Gavarry. The top notes are citrusy, spicy and fruity: bergamot, mandarin, lemon, strawberry jam, rhubarb, saffron, black pepper, carambola and fig. The heart is floral and gourmet: rose, iris, geranium, black currant, chocolate and vine. The base is oriental - woody: amber, cedar, patchouli and vetiver").

Others (unisex):

Violet Tendencies by Smell Bent
Debonair by Smell Bent
2 Rance by Rance 1795
Mare by Creative Universe Beth Terry
Aroma M Haruka by Geisha ("contains notes of green tea, bois de rose and sweet orange," but seems like there's mint in here too)
Comme des Garcons (original unisex perfume)
Ambre Gris by Balmain
Bakour by Al Rehab (fruity/spicy wood, perhaps with a touch of oud)
Anisia Bella (from Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria series)
IL MIO SOGNO (1939) by Borsalino
Sashka Black by M. Micallef
Palais Jamais by Etro
Aoud Lime by Montale
Eau l'Iparie by L'Occitane
Ciel Mon Jardin!
Baime by MPG
Ambra by Etro
Ambre Fetiche
Messe de Minuit EdC (second, highly sought after version)
Etiquette Bleu by D'Orsay


Paradoxe by Cardin (base is similar to vintage Yatagan)
Fancy Nghts
Le Baiser du Dragon EdP by Cartier
Oriental Lumpur by Les Nereides
Promesse by Cacharel
Cachet by Prince Matchabelli (vintage 1970s)
vintage Tresor
vintage Coco Chanel
vintage Knowing
Eternity for Women
April Fields
Timeless by Avon (vintage)
Halston original (this is the new version but it's quite old so still has plenty of good ingredients)
Physical Woman by Jockey
Dream Angels Wish
Tabac Blond (early 1980s)
vintage Red by Giorgio of Beverly Hills
vintage Ma Griffe Parfum de Toilette
Opium Orchid�e de Chine
vintage Sung (1986)
vintage Salvador Dali (the first fragrance)
Trueste by Tiffany (rare, non-alchole Voile version)
Maharanih by Parfums de Nicolai
Gucci Guilty
O de Lancome
60s Pop (called 60s Mod in the UK)
FUBU Plush for women
Safran Troublant
Popy Moreni de Fete
Le Cirque de Popy Moreni
So Pretty by Cartier
Mare by Creative Universe Beth Terry
Madeleine VIonnet (1996)
Zents Fragrances Moss
Aroma M Harunka (green tea) by Geisha
Popy Moreni by Popy Moreni (nice coffee fragrance)
Montana's Just Me
Organza EdP
Poppy Moren EdT (wonderful coffee/rose fragrance)
Comme des Garcons (original unisex perfume)
Bouquet Imperial Roger & Gallet
Ambre Gris (unisex)
Anisia Bella by Guerlain
Prada original EdP
Ispahan by Yves Rocher
Geoffrey Beene (1998; somewhat "unisex")
Hermessence Rose Ikebana
L'Or de Torrente EdP (coffee and roses!)
Black Orchid Voile de Fleur EdT
Bakour by Al Rehab (fruity/spicy wood, perhaps with a touch of oud)
Pheromone by Miglin
Adolfo (vintage 1978) by Adolfo Dominquez
Versace Bright Crystal
Balyma EdP
Patchouli Plaisir by Molinard (rare in the USA, sort of a feminine version of Borneo 1834 but some might say unisex)
Acqua Di Parma Lavanda Tonica
Eau de Cartier
Innisfree (vintage, Irish fragrance)
Genie in a Bottle Trance Essence
White Patchouli
Primitif by Revlon (vintage, circa 1960s)
Clean Cotton (Comfort Scents) by Avon (vintage)
Azuree (vintage)
Heaven Sent by Helena Rubinstein (vintage)
Vintage Emeraude Parfum de Toilette (from an Imperial Decanter)
Vintage 1960s Tabu by Dana (EdC, no "root beer" note!)
Excess by Gendarme (7 Deadly Sins series)
Duo BY Vuarnet
IsaBella (Rosellini)
Narcisco Rodriquez for Women EdP
Obsession Night
L'eau d'Issey
Paul Smith London for Women
Bvlgari EdT
Bvlgari Fraiche
Shalimar EdC (1960s)
Presence Femme by Mont Blanc
Woodhue (new version)
Naomi Campbell (1999)
Tea Rose by Perfumer's Workshop
Dune for women
Must de Cartier (not sure which formulation, but I like it)
Nu EdP by YSL
Charles Jourdan The Parfum
Balahe by Leonard (vintage/original formulation)
Rykiel Woman Not for Men EdP
Vetiver by Elizabeth W
Escada Collection
Red Delicious by DKNY
Lauren (vintage, 1978)
Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune Guerlain
My Sin by Lanvin (vintage)
White Linen (vintage)
Estee by Estee Lauder (vintage)
Via Lanvin (vintage)
Jean Nate (vintage)
Habanita EdT
Happy by Clinique
Sunflowers (vintage)
Lanvin (vintage)
Ciara (vintage)
Jontue (vintage)
Cardin de Pierre Cardin (vintage)
Rochas Femme (new formulation)
Oscar de la Renta EdT (vintage)
Bellagio for Women
Cuba Jungle Tiger

New samples available:

Vintage Boss #1 (before it was called #1)
Vetyver Monsieur Lanvin
Vintage Lagerfeld Cologne, before it was Classic Lagerfeld (similar to The Knize Ten but with less harsh top notes and more of a tobacco than a leather fragrance, though there is the impression of leather, at least)
Molto Smalto
Classic Lagerfeld (which is the new one)
Roccobarocco (vintage perfume, women's)
Fendi Uomo (vintage Bethco, New York version)
Eau d'Orange Verte b Hermes
Gomma by Etro
Vintage Bel Ami
Vintage Ungaro III (Made in Paris on both bottle and box)
Ungaro III (new version)
Eau de Jade
Mechant Loup
Fraiche Badiane
Several by C&S
AV by Vittadini
Delirium by Mango
JF by Floris
Black Sashka
Kenzo Flower EdP
Narcisco Rodriquez Woman EdT
Emporio Armani He and She
212 Sexy Her
So You
Woodhuge Cologne for Men (vintage)
Pi by Givenchy (earlier strong formulation, 2007)
Madness Natural Black
Obsession Men
Swiss Mountain Water
Rochas Moustache
Le Male
Lady Boy by Lush
Ginger Musk by Montale

Please disregard the prices below, as they are for a larger size. I am now selling 5 ml decants in those plastic spray bottles, with cap. Prices seem to be rising sharply, so just email me a list of what you want and I'll get back to you with a total. There are a few scents that can be decanted into a one ounce bottle, including vintage Polo, vintage Caron Pour un Homme, Ungaro (first "women's" scent from 1977), Yatagan, Mare Cologne by CUBT, vintage Quorum (first formulation), vintage Giorgio for Men by GBH, and vintage Lagerfeld Cologne. Shipping in the USA would be $2 for one decant, and for more I will have to calculate a price so include your zip code with your request. Add $2 more if you want insurance (you would get a delivery confirmation at no extra charge). If you are in another nation, I may be able to ship a few to you but the risk would be all yours (you would get a customs number so you would be able to confirm that I mailed it, but not much else). Quantity discounts are possible. I also sell samples, up to 2 ml, so I can work up a price for you on them, or a combination of samples and decants, just send a specific request with ziip code. Minimum order is $12, not including shipping or anything else (such as if you want insurance). I am also Bigsly at BN and have nearly 200 all posisitive feedback. I've got over 400 all positive feedback at MUA, Basenotes, and Fragrantica (combined).

Unisex, mostly niche:

Safran Troublant: $15 for 5 ml (don't have any more than this)
Ambre Gris by Balmain: $12
Anisia Bella by Guerlain: $17
Acqua di Gio: $7
Tobaco Latino: $7
Gomma: $22
Mare Cologne by CUBT: $12
2 Rance by Rance 1795: $14
Messe de Minut (second EdC formulation): $38
Ciel mon Jardin! $17
Eau de Cartier: $9
Declaration by Cartier: $10
Baime by MPG: $17
Le Dandy by D'Orsay (rare silver cap version with oakmoss): $28
Etiquette Bleu: $22
Violet Tendencies: $12


Caron Pour Un HOmme vintage Les Plus Belles Lavandes EdT version:
Chanel Pour Monsieur Cologne(original; not the new, "Concentrated" one): $21
Sashka Black for Men by M. Micallef: $14
Lauder for Men: $14
Mark Birley: $32
Coriolan: $18
B*Men: $12
Signor Vivara: $12
Ho Hang Club: $14
Romeo Gigli Uomo: $11
Homme de Gres: $12
Fahrenheit (from 2000): $14
Jacomo de Jacomo (vintage version, 1980): $8
Photo by Lagerfeld (vintage version): $7
Monogram: $32
Yatagan: $7
Moschino Pour Homme (1990): $14
Witness by Bogart: $8
Deep Blue by Boss (vintage version): $8
Horizon: $5
Dunhill for Men ("1934"): $17
Havana: $12
JHL: $18
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy For Him 2 EdC: $14
Tiffany for Men: $19
Versailles Pour Homme: $18
Guess Men (1991): $17
vintage Catalyst for Men (great sandalwood note): $11
John Varvatos: $9
Barolo: $10
vintage Chaz: $8
Michael for Men by Kors: $8
Polo (vintage, first formulation): $14
Silver/Black by Azzaro: $7
vintage Woodhue Cologne: #14
vintage Wood Grains Sandalwood: $12
Mediterraneum: $10
M de Morabito: $10
vintage Azzaro Pour Homme: $10
Signor Vivara by Pucci (super rare, like a light Knize Ten with sandalwood): $22
Baladin by Parfums de Nicolai: $18
Oscar Pour Lui (new formulation): $5.75
Equus by Lalique: $12
Montana Parfum d'Homme ("red box"): $8
Capucci Pour Homme: $8
Play it Again... Sixty Strength by Woodard (super rare 1970s fougere): $9
Cadillac: $5
Cadillac Extreme: $5
273 for Men: $5
Mediterraneum: $11
KISS for Him: $5.50
London for Men by Paul Smith: $25
Mustang by Estee Lauder: $$5.75
Nero Scuro by Soldano: $14
Maxim's Pour Homme: $12
vintage/original formulation Perry Ellis for Men: $17
new Perry Ellis for Men (1985 originally): $7
Friends by Moschino: $5.75
FUBU Plush for Men: $14
Trussardi L'Uomo: $12
Gianfranco Ferre for Man (all black bottle): $8
Green Water: $9
Listen for Men by Herb Alpert: $14
Gendarme V: $14
Cactus Shot by Everlast: $9
Obsession Night for Men: $8
John Varvatos: $9
Leonard Pour Homme (vintage): $18
Horizon: $4
Royal Secret for Men: $5.75
Moods Uomo: $14
Very Sexy for Him 2: $12
Bracing Silverbrich by Molton Brown: $14
Buchu by Molton Brown: $14
Enrico Sebastiano Fine Cologne: $7
Ungaro II: $22
Francesco Smalto Pour Homme (1987): $9
vintage Ungaro III (made in France): $19
new Ungaro III: $9
vintage Emeraude PdT formulation: $12
KL Homme by Lagerfeld: $12
vintage M7: $25
vintage Zino: $17
vintage Bijan for Men: $17
vintage Tsar (first formulation): $11
Vetiver Guerlain (ribbed bottle version): $11
Alain Delon (1980 original, not the reformulated "Classic" version): $14
vintage/original formulation Jaguar for Men (made in Switzerland): $9
vintage/original formulation Nicole Miller for Men: $18
vintage/original formulation Versace l'Homme: $14
vintage/original formulation Paco Rabanne Pour Homme: $15
vintage/original formulation Red for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills: $12
vintage/original formulation Lagerfeld Cologne: $14
vintage/original formulation Jacko by Lagerfeld: $11
vintage/original formulation Azzaro Pour Homme: $10
vintage/original formulation Quorum: $9
vintage/original formulation Boss Cologne (now called Boss #1): $14
Boss #1: $9
vintage/original formulation Giorgio of Beverly Hills for Men: $10
vintage/original Gucci Pour Homme (1976 version!): $25
vintage Carrington Cologne: $14
vintage/original formulation Polo Modern Reserve: $12
vintage/original formulation Eternity for Men: $9
vintage/original formulation Caesars World Man: $9
vintage/original formulation Adventure by Eddie Bauer: $14
Cuba Red: $3.25

New/never used men's mini splash bottles:

vintage 1/4 ounce Aramis Herbal 900 for $7
vintage Xeryus mini (4 ml) for $7
vintage Xeryus Rouge mini (4 ml) for $7


Rumba by Balenciaga (not Ted Lapidus version): $11
Le Dix by Balenciaga: $10
vintage Ma Griffe Parfum de Toilette: $11
vintage Emeraude PdT: $14
Bouquet Imperial Fresh Fragrant Water by R&G: $11
O de Lancome: $14
L'Or de Torrente EdP: $18
vintage Ispahan by Yves Rocher: $9
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly: $10
Popy Moreni by Popy Moreni: $12
Organza: $11
vintage/original formulation Salvador Dali (1985): $14
Just Me by Montana (similar to Theorema): $8
Madeleine Vionnet (1996): $14
Primitif by Revlon (vintage, circa 1960): $5.75
vintage/original formulation Balahe: $14
Genie in a Bottle by Trance Essence (all natural): $14
Organza: $12
Escada Collection PdT: $29

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Plenty of new items listed !

Also, my bottle sales page has just been updated over at BN.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Email sent.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Used/partial lot of bottles gone but I expect to put another one together soon so if you want to be notified let me know. Will be men's but there may be one or two women's I can include as well.

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 6:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

HUGE lot of TEN new bottles (not all boxed) for $39 plus actual shipping costs (USA only):

Pino Silvestre, 40 ml
KISS Him, 50 ml
Everlast Original 1910, 50 ml
vintage Grey Flannel (aftershave splash), 2 ounces
Hollywood for Men by Fred Hayman, 50 ml
Baryshnikov Sport, 50 ml
Woodhue for Men, 1 ounce
Nautica Blue, half an ounce
Roots Spirit Men, 1 ounce
Kiss Me for Men by Samba, 50 ml
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:09 pm    Post subject: Samples Reply with quote

Just got my samples from Bigsly and I plan on doing more business with him in the future!!! Great seller, fast shipping, good prices, and great selection!!!!!!! No problems at all......
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:28 pm    Post subject: Email Sent Reply with quote

Email Sent
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

SPECIAL FOR FALL: One ounce decant of vintage Caron Pour un Homme Les Plus Belles Lavande EdT or super-rare Polo Sporting Cologne (not Polo Sport) for $12 each if you buy an additional $10 worth (before shipping costs are added). One of each per household or individual maximum. Limited supply so first come first serve.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

PM sent
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Email sent for order....
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:19 pm    Post subject: creed MI Reply with quote

u still got Creed MI?
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SPECIAL DEAL: I've got too much of certain scents so I'm offering a 1 ounce decant (in plastic spray bottles with cap) sale on some of these (plus actual shpping, USA only):

vintage Caron Pour un Homme (1960s Les Plus Belles Lavandes EdT): $14.
vintage Sandalwood for Men EdC by Elizabeth Arden: $32.
1960s Messire Pour Monsieur by Jean D'Albert (sort of like Chanel Pour Monsieur with an added vetiver note): $22.
vintage Equipage EdT by Hermes: $34.
vintage Polo: $19.
vintage Ungaro EdT (1977 women's scent): $28.
Eau de Cartier: $14.
vintage Quorum: $11.
vintage Giorgio for Men by GBH: $18.
vintage Jacomo de Jacomo (men's): $11.

Also, I am working on my decant list so send me a message if you see something below and you want an 8 ml decant. I'll get back to you with information.

Coming soon: Cereus #4, MI by Creed, and vintage Givenchy III EdP as decants or samples !
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi , you send from Brazil?
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:14 am    Post subject: Stardust for Men (2001) now available, bottles or decants ! Reply with quote

I have a small number of Stardust for Men bottles available as follows (USA only), which includes shipping, except for the sample (due to my $10 minimum policy, which applies for any order):

$87 for 100 ml spray sealed in box.
$84 for 100 ml spray with no cap or box.
$12.75 for 8 ml decant in spray bottle.
$12 for 7.5 ml decant in glass bottle with screw top.
$2.50 for .7 ml sample in glass dab vial.

This was popular over at Basenotes around 2005 to 2007, perhaps because some view it as similar to Green Irish Tweed. However, there s no lavender nor violet leaf. It is drier and more mature/masculine, and I'd also say it is a bit heavier. I prefer it to GIT because the dihydromyrcenol is much less obvious, and the sandalwood note is stronger (all in my opinion of course). This was released by Llewelyn and the "pyramid" for it is as follows (there are several reviews at Basenotes):

Top notes: Mexican Lime, Mediterranean Lemon, Siberia fire needle, shaved nutmeg

Middle notes: Jasmine, sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli

Base notes: Bourbon Vanilla, creamy amber, and impressions of leather
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